Tuesday, July 27, 2010



Initially, we came to this rental  property - after Medical Hardships- caused our first house of 14 years to go bye bye. Is was during the last BIG recession also.... this one has been tougher!  This Rental- was an absolute Miracle from God....timing, place and price! 

We would be here a mere 6 weeks to 6 months max, while we weighed all our options, including a fresh start again back in FL. That was 10 years ago. Getting that awesome job at The Hospital ER/Urgent Scare was phenomenal.We are now really serious about finding us some new Diggs, in the Lexington SC/Lake Murray area. Basically- we don't want to move-- we just want a new place with New appliances- that will last us till we say Goodbye!

We are going to see about getting a Modular Home- very small, with little to no yard maintenance- Except THAT, which I choose to do! It could be an excellent time to get what we want at an excellent price. It's time for that and the Pontoon Boat. Between those two accomplishments we have successfully deluded ourselves that this will ultimately make us happy! I'll NEVER STOP DREAMING!

WE- have been working on the Happiness Factor, first by working on our OWN SELVES...making sure WE are taken care of, and then coming back to the relationship.... That way we are able able to go out from home with a Positive attitude to start with and that helps! It helps to spread the wealth and the good feelings outwards. Choosing to make this a fun time, and a time of exploration will make finding the perfect place all that much more:


We want a very simple floor plan, but have found out lot's of little tricks and likes we want in a home. It will be cool- making it the way we want it! A true Custom design within a strict budget should allow for a nice retirement!

As this will probably be our last home, we need to think about building in Handicapped accessible areas, before they are needed, - Bathroom, Fixtures, Ramps, Door Width...etc, just a  really great project!

right back in here somewhere should do it!