Wednesday, January 23, 2008


For those of you that Pray- would you please add my wife and I to your list. I also mean at your Churches' Friends on the NET etc. We believe in Faith and the Power behind it!

When God uses you, He usually tests you too. We are being severely tested - both Physically and Financially. We have almost paid off ALL the medical bills from my Bypass Surgery and the my recent "Stint" in the Hospital for Angioplasty. YEAH~!!!!!!! We are working extremely hard towards our goal of land and a New home.

We are renting at 300.00 a month!!! That is almost unheard of and is a blessing in itself--but we recently had a major water leak and cabinets, floor etc were soaked. Since we are in drought conditions, -20+ inches below normal in SC we haven't had a chance to know how long it has been leaking. MAJOR structural damage to outside wall and inside flooring.

PRAYER REQUESTS: Of course God's will to be done first and foremost- always! But we are responsible for doing and being proactive as well.

1. That the Landlord will want to fix it instead of Bulldoze the place down. It is actually quite comfortable and homey and a great place to live. And at 300 bucks!!!!!! (We just finished paying off a Bankruptcy after 7 years (Medical) !!!! YEAH!!!!! but the credit app still "Looks" a little ugly" and we need to fix that- our lawyer died in the meantime.

2. Wisdom concerning moving verses staying etc.

3. SCHOOL Track for me- I keep getting STUCK at entering the Clinical phase of Nursing, so I'm thinking of switching degrees and going for BS and into administration, Human resources, Nursing Informatics-(relatively new field marrying technology and nursing.) I still have 20 plus good years left in me!!

4. Health for my wife- recent MRI shows bulging disc at C-67 with Nerve Impingement........her disc is hitting a nerve and it' hurts like hades and is so painful she's in tears a lot. A recent visit to a Neurosurgeon was a nightmare- she said it was inoperable and thought my wife was drug seeking, which is sooo far wrong it's not funny. True she wants out of pain, but she has One Dr. , has never been to the ER for this etc. So what we thought was a blessing..get her fixed and she wants to go back to work- another roadblock.

I guess that's it. I do want to say that we are NOT down and depressed about this- (any more than normal anyway) and we know that no matter what things will all work out. We would just like some prayer support as we are kinda beaten down and beaten up a little and want to continue to move forward with our lives! With the market so right for land and homes right now.....well a financial miracle would be awesome-LOL!!!
But we are taking the steps for the credit report thingy- we have Zero debt--zip, nada...except for the medical bills and you know they will take $5-10.00 a month forever, so that's no problem.

I guess I just needed to vent, back up and take a deep breath, look at the big picture etc. We are not asking or begging for anything, we just want to make wise and sound decisions and both of us believe STRONGLY in the power of United prayer, guidance and direction!

Many thanks,