Wednesday, November 7, 2012



I pledge allegiance to the flag- (and all that it stands for)
of the UNITED States of America, (the greatest Country on Earth, IMHO!)
and to the Republic, for which it stands (respecting the office of ANY President of the United States),
ONE NATION, UNDER GOD, (Prayer still works)
INDIVISIBLE, (if we really work at it together with mutual respect)
With Liberty (which we still have)
and Justice for all. (Together we can)!!!!

(Words in parenthesis mine.)

Now is the time for us to shine, and show the World that was watching us with a microscope, what a TRUE DEMOCRACY can do!

Disappointment can be expected, but hopefully will be short lived, and we can turn to whatever positives and mutual agreements we have, and begin working to RESTORE our great Nation. Difficult, YES, Impossible, NO!

Great Adversity can breed great accomplishments. Let's not blow this chance to come back together as One Nation Under God. It may take time...... but it is doable!

I'm just sayin'...will you pray about it? OK--Let me have it! ;-)


  1. I'd like to think we're not as polarized as the media make us out to be. Cheers ;)

  2. You John have more hope in civility than i do. If they do not change the filibuster rules this time then there is no reason left for hope and no reason not to go to war with them who oppose you politically. This has been the most expensive (6 billion) campaign ever waged and you think that those billionaires are not going to want their money back? I for one am not disposed to give it to them. But the president or Geithner may in an effort to buy peace. Sorry won't work for me.


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