Tuesday, February 21, 2012



If someone told you growing up that you would be reading THIS Blog on a Computer today, what would you have said? Right now you are reading this particular Blog at this exact time. Chance? Maybe..but I think not. I think everything happens for a reason and has an overall Divine purpose.

The very fact that you are here, at this one particular intersection of the universe, time, and circumstance(s) in your life is almost miraculous!

I'm no seer or prophet, but I do realize that we are all special. We can all contribute to the Universal good. I just want to remind you of just how special you are. You may not believe it or see it in yourself, but it is true. If to no one else- then to me!

Do not sell yourself short. If things are going well, Count your Blessings. If you are face down on the mat and you hear 6, 7, 8, 9....GET UP!! You can do it, and things will right themselves! Why? Because you are a Child of a Divine Creator and have a special purpose in this life.

I am not going to get all preachy as we each have different ways we express and believe our Faith, and Purpose of Being!

But I for one, Value you, don't judge you, and appreciate the fact that we are here together!

Whatever your need today- RECEIVE IT in your Mind and Heart and it will manifest when you need it most. Maybe when you hear 6, 7, 8, 9....!   

Mountains will move, finances will improve, life will be worth living,

the tough part is Faith and waiting! It's a FIGHT!

But I have confidence in






  1. I personally believe I came to this blog today by shit-house coincidence, and of my on choice.

    People have been calling me "special" all my life....

    Little did I know it WASN'T a compliment, LOL !!

  2. Heff- SPECIAL has a different meaning for you! Read what the teachers wrote on your early report cards! LMBO!!!

    Take care Brother!


  3. I have a different take, but that's okay. Leads to the same place, perhaps. I do not believe things happen FOR a reason. I think we choose to act, to react, to respond to any given moment from what I call Light or Dark. Easy terms for me to conceptualize, but, for me it means from whatever feeds all life or whatever saps all life. Some call that God and Something Else... Others call it something else.

    Ultimately, since I was little, the two things in church that made sense were: God is Unknowable and God is Love. And if God was Love, then Hell never made a lick of sense to me.

    I was kicked out of Sunday school more than once.

    But it stays with me, this idea that before time and long after, there is a Force about which we know ZIPPO, but we can feel it sometimes. Often, if we work at it.

    So I came here because you seem like someone who chooses light as often as you can. And it makes me smile when I read what you write.

    Each person, I agree, is special. Has something unique to offer the world--whatever piece of it he or she touches. We have the choice to be true to that something or not.

    And my life, I hope, is about the process of making choices from that life-feeding place more often than not.

    SO thank you, John. I'm thinkin' you already KNOW Heff. Most of my life when I hit puberty, I was told that I was NOT special in any way.

    To which I would flash the finger and go "Oh, Yeah?" hmmm... maybe that was not EXACTLY choosing from that light place!

    Take care

  4. I am quite sure you are meaning "for a reason" in the best light possible but I no longer believe that God or the Universe or Allah or whatever the Supreme Being who is at the heart of all that is would have any of us suffer for a "reason". That is too cruel. We were given choice for a reason - so we had the opportunity to choose to do good ourselves.When we are faced with random crap (being in the wrong place at the wrong time), or the evil others may inflict upon us, we can turn that instance to a good purpose - but that doesn't mean that God intended to afflict us. Or that we are being oppressed by the devil.

    But yeah.

  5. I love those uplifting words. Thanks John.

    And thanks for having a Word Verification Free Blog. :)

  6. JeannetteLS- I knew we would hit it off. I respect with and agree with what you say. Thanks so much for the input!


    Jeannie- I don't believe God inflicts any harm or ill intent on us either..but since the fall we are as so so aptly put it- (random crap- or being in the wrong place at the wrong time), responsible for how we handle adversity. I totally agree with it's how we RESPOND to our Circumstances and handle our choices! Either Positively or Negatively....we learn from it all.

    So, Yeah! ;-)


    Lynn- Thanks!!!! And those word verifications are almost unreadable--I just can't make them out most of the time!

  7. SEE ! JeanetteLS is SPECIAL TOO, LOL !!!

  8. Thank you - I kinda needed that today. Must be why I'm here. :)

  9. Carletta- I knew someone or several would need it. I have been helped by friends on here many a time!!



    Heff---says John--shaking his head slowly!

  10. Forgive me for communicating through your blog, John, but Heff has no blog. We are BOTH special. I'm pretty sure we both have a history of acting out of the same ... um ... light. yeah. Light.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, howler monkey, you.

  11. Usually people say I'm weird, which I suppose is special in its own way ;)

  12. Jeanette--No problem!!! No Problem at all!


    RK-- I know YOU are special--as a matter of fact you are SPECIAL K!!! ar ar-- Oh I love myself sooo much!

    I'm not sure if the world could handle You and Mr RK and I together! LOL


  13. You publish stuff like this

    AND Heff visits you.

    evidence that God works in mysterious ways!

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    >< } } ( ° >

  14. Cloudia-- Halleluiah!!!!!!


    Hugs Sis,


  15. YES WE CAN! (No colons were injured in this comment.)

    Love ya lots,

  16. Awww, thanks! Nice to be reminded.


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