Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This is from Jeannie's Blog:  MY TWO CENTS

"I have no new drawings.

I am done with drawing strangers for now. I want to draw someone I know. But I don't have any great pictures. My own fault. I need to take closeups. Of people and not dog turds. Why do I never take pictures of people?
I'm also tired of monochrome graphite. I want to do colour. I want to paint. But I'm not sure where to start. I feel like I should be doing Cara's gigantic canvass but I'm not nearly ready for it. I want to put lewd things in it............"

There is more that needs to be read....so much more that it forced me to post these pictures. Pictures I took of things she had seen in her mind..... sorta...maybe, kinda....... I don't want to put Images in Her Head.

Pictures, that when I took them, I saw exactly what she was talking about. In my minds eye. I'm not saying she will agree with it, I'm just saying I kinda-sorta knows what she means. As well as one person can understand another. However, as soon as I clicked the shutter--IT WAS GONE. What I took was still there, but what I had seen...was GONE!

What I had seen (ever so briefly) could nor be captured, other than in my minds eye. That's why I say I kinda know what she's talking about. Maybe you can see the Lewdness in the Trees.... or answer the question of why he too would take a picture of a pile of Crap? Or any other of the weird things, I take pictures of. And this is just a small sample............ I have hundreds more. Weirder than these!

Wish they were worth a Dollar! or fitty cent!

A couple of these may amuse you, or you may even see something interesting artistically:


I missed it, and it will basically leave you saying....... WT.......????????

I had to take them.... because when I did there was something else there!I swear it! I just posted about not taking pics of people but having a thousand of the same picture of the Leafs changing on the Blue Ridge Parkway. They are all the SAME! I don't have any pics of PEOPLE! I do have pics of Dog turds- and I'll prove it! At least I hope it's a Dog--if not I have to Call Destination Truth to come scope out my woods!

 Unknown Source- but can u rel8 ?

Find the Va.........

 Hole in One
Golf Channel


St8 up

The Dog Whispererererer (In Golf Channel Announcers Voice)
He's at the Second Pee, Vern, Looks like a Dog Leg left!!!!!

Probably ate Crappie! Scat!


Alabama Tree Rat--for Heff!

Nature's Fair! 
War Eagles!

Basic Cable!

One minute, LIFE IS AWESOME! ....
Check out the Face in the Face! This one is better than I thought!
That's an Album Cover!!  
The Skeeter Hawks!
The Next: Not So Much!
 Things can change Fast!

 Dish is so much better than Cable don't ya think? This is
In-Direct TV!

Think you Got a Handle on Life? 
DIY Channel

 OK!     TWC.

 I Found a Ball half buried in the ground with a ROOT growing out of it????
WTF  Channel ..... Root is growing Out of the ball! Or is that a fuse?

Maybe the Tiger Woods Balls Do come up!
ESPN Classics

Ball....Hole. Check out Root-looks like a Bomb!
 Military Channel
or maybe back to Golf Channel.... Does it have the distance...?

Hole Ball left. WHY? WHY??? 
Why did I take it out and take pictures of it....and post it? 

Ball Bomb going off in Pollen Pond. 
Was this the reason I found it? To Throw the Ball and Take the Pic?
For this? Pretty neat result- but really- was it worth the effort?
and Yes- All that is still Pollen!
Nick at Night! 


Surfing the WEB  (ar ar!)
Reality Channel

All pics by Moi..No watermarks yet...working on it! Still pic below from Fishing Video. Yes, I took it too!

Camera went off in lap!
Whew--No Boogers!



  1. Way to multi-task John. Watching TV and going on a photo shooting expedition.

  2. From the What Was I Thinking? file huh?

    Yup - I would have taken all those pictures too.

    I think maybe you understand me better than I do myself. Even in wanting to do a surreal painting, I'm actually wanting to do the weirdly real. The oddities of nature that astound and amuse and confound us all in one spot.

    Maybe your next career should be psychology of those attracted by weird.

  3. Thanks for the Tree Rat, and by the look of that dog's loaves, I think you may be using a BIT too much cornmeal when frying your Crappie....

  4. I think I need more sleep because I swear your tree is giving birth...

  5. Neat group of photos- very diverse!

  6. The Walking Man,

    I pray my wife never finds out I can multi-task--LOL

    Thank you sir!


    Jeannie,- That file is getting bigger and bigger! HELP ME!

    I thought we were pretty much the same when I saw your First Doo Doo pic! I was so RELIEVED I had a picture mate!!!

    Psychology is my Field--Butt, I just think we'ed both have to sit on the couch and let Gary and Sandi ax us ?'s!!!

    I gotta see that finished Mural/collage/surrealistic/painting!!!



    LOL- Only you would notice the "Texture"/ Ingredients!!!. It was either that, or some of my 1970 Pot Brownies. Doooooooh!



    LMBO!!! Now I have to go see if there are any saplings around there!!!! Welcome to my world- notice the Post time-LOL!!!


    buffalodick, Thanks--it really is amazing at what is all around us isn't it? Truly- a Matter of Perspective.

    Thanks one and all for not sending a letter to Dr. Phil!!!!!!

  7. LOL!!! It's been a while since I wrote on your blog, so I just popped over to take a look at your amazing T.V. programmes! Sorry, that should be photo's!
    They are so funny!
    Thanks for the laugh, I could really use it today!

    Talk to you soon!

  8. Alice,

    Welcome back! Thought maybe the Volcanic ash had trapped you indoors! :-)

    Glad you like my programming! Those are "Special Channels- DirecTV set up just for "Special" people. We get to wear helmets while we watch. And sometimes we take Pills!) Glad you laughed!

    Tuff day Gal?



    Kay-- Thanks!

    I really had a blast doing it!



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