Saturday, April 17, 2010


Just for Jeannie!


Both are harmless non-venomous snakes very common to the Southeast. Brown one is Water Snake, and probably eats mostly Frogs, Tadpoles etc.

Black one is- ??...yep- a Common Blacksnake. These guys will bite and can make you mildly nauseous. I never had one climb a tree to get away before.

Now this is the guy I could probably get, swallowing a Field Mouse. That would be sooo  awesome to observe!

Me before Snakes! Many Many Moons ago!
Me- after Snakes!

Two months before my Bypass! May 2004. I knew I felt bad--but..... I didn't know I was gray- (skin color)- not hair!- The snakes did that.

It was a 104- 108 Heat Index, and I was walking property with a friend.
Like it will be on my Tombstone and in a recent comment:
"Told you I was sick!"

Snake Proof Cat!
Harry Potter- so he speaks Parcel Tongue- He's still skeerd of em'!


 You Lookin at Me?
Leaf me be!


  1. Thanks John! Very pretty! I will use these for a project for my daughter. I don't know why but I'm going to have a snake eating a rat or mouse or whatever in it. She thought it was pretty funny. She's vegetarian right?

    I thought you said you wouldn't post pics of yourself! You don't look so heinous at all.

  2. Thanks, I think! LOL.

    Use what ya need. You gave me the confidence to come outta my shell!

    After your awesome Vlog, I said what the Hey! Those aren't pics of me, but sketches I did of Paul Newman-!

    So- How different did I look, compared to any pre conceived idea (if you had any) of how I looked?

    Not heinous....I'll have to look that up!

    hateful; odious; abominable; totally reprehensible
    wicked, infamous, flagrant, flagitious, atrocious, villainous, nefarious.

    SO - You Like me!!!!!

    Flagitious--is that anything like Flatulence? I can relate to that!

    Thanks Jeannie,

    Have a great weekend!


    Maybe we can Photoshop a Rat in one of their mouths?

  3. Nice shots! Somewhere in my archive, I have photos of me trying to free blue racers from a netting they were caught in... I also have stories of encounters with cottonmouths and rattlesnakes.

  4. So do you look different now post the bypass?

  5. Sweeti,

    I'm so hot now- I can hardly go outside. I can't believe I typed that with a straight face. But honestly, I'm one that just does not take good photos. Never have- never will!

    But yes, My color is normal, and not Dusky--since I am getting O2 back to my body!. It was weird when I had 100%, (they couldn't even bypass that one), 98, 97 and 95% Blockages. I really should be dead, but God has other plans!

    And I was working 14-16 hour shifts at Urgent Care and wondering why I was tired all the time!

    Thanks for asking!


  6. Sage,

    I'd love to hear about the Rattlesnakes and Cottonmouths. Spending as much time as I have in the Outdoors, you are bound to cross paths. It is so cool, that if you respect Mother Nature, and don't do anything to tempt fate- you get along just fine!

    We need to put together a Blog of Lies---STORIES, about the Great Outdoors!

    Have a writer per week!



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