Wednesday, December 17, 2008



I placed a rather large on-line order with Dell on 12-12-08. NOTICE TO ROBBERS_ THIS MATERIAL WILL NOT RESIDE HERE: TO ROB IT GO TO :

Crack my Toa East of Java, You Need a Job instead of doing Crack, Ridge #4, Pakistan Border, Zip ugo-BOOM! Call 1-800- Bin Laden for Inquiries.

I first noticed something funny when they split my order and separated the Laptop, Router, TV and a Cable. OK, no biggie-makes perfect sense to group like items. The TV computer card did not show up on the order at all. I called- it was there- still not showing up-but it was there they assured me. We will see!

Now let's concentrate on the TV and Cable. It showed the Cable and gave a tracking number. NO TV. OK, I see where the TV may be shipped secondarily-but separated from the cable I need to operate it, but OK. Still on the 12th.

TV- and cable went to Knoxville, Tn, Huntsville, TN, and Memphis Tn. From there cable came to Columbia and was delivered early on 12-15-08 to my house. No TV. I called Dell and TV is being shipped via CEVA Logistics. I called their 800 number I got from Dell. It is in Suawanee Ga. Then it travels to Hotlanta. ALL ON the 12th!!!!!!. COOL. Puzzling, but cool as estimated date of delivery is 12-19-2008!

Then TV was flown across the great state of SC from HotLanta to Charlotte NC. 12-12-2008. Why not drop it off? GAS PRICES PEOPLE!!!!!!! GOING GREEN????? The cable is suffering from plug anxiety! Anyway it ends up in Charlotte, where it is still sitting I presume, waiting to be loaded on a plane to fly it to?: -you guessed it- Columbia: it is now 12-17-2008! 5 day ground mind you- started on the 12th. 17-12= 5!!! Should be here,.............. oh, but there was a weekend involved! The airport can almost be seen from my house. Not the House where it will be kept mind you (For Robbers only). This thing has more air miles than I do and can probably vacation in the Isles somewhere.

So it's in Charlotte with a due date of Friday the 19th. I'm in Columbia on the 17th: DRIVING TIME TO CHARLOTTE 1 & 1/2 hours if the traffic is heavy!!! Up and back today, and I have it and, my cable is consolable! But nooooooooo. I have to wait until it is loaded and flown, then loaded and trucked to mi casa!

Yes, this is close to Christmas, the busiest time of the year! I WONDER FREAKIN WHY!!!!!!!!!!!
Ay Ay Ay, I lament the world without common sense! Gone the way of the Better mouse trap, the rectal thermometer, and the Potato peeler, all invented correctly the first time around!!!!!!!

I want my world back. But at least I will be able to watch ARMAGEDDON in HDTV!!!!!!!!

If this is the wrong cable..................

PS: I am taking down the Shhhh.....God's Listening Blog. No traffic and I'll concentrate on this blog. It will be up for a few more days and then: POOF! Gone! Thanks all.



  1. Ay, ay, ay Juan, what are you going to do??

    Btw, I appreciate it when you throw a little español into your posts...just for moi, right? ;)

    The crack cartoon is hilarious! lol

  2. I don't buy much of anything online so I don't have a lot of shipping woes. Actually, we had $25,000 worth of jewellry stolen a few years back thru Fed-Ex. And I am waiting on my new keyboard that was supposed to be here. At work I have received items I wasn't supposed to and not received items I was. I think the logistics people must have a lot on their plates. I wouldn't want the job.

  3. Of course Scarlet---who else!!!!!????????


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