Saturday, December 6, 2008


a SANTAPEDE.........OH I FUNNY GUY! How lame is that! LOL

I sure do miss the days when I could post at will. This work and school thingy sure takes a lot of time. I am in such a GOOD place in my life. My wife and I are getting along famously, after her surgery, which went very well. The bone graft in her neck is taking and healing nicely. She still has to endure a lot of pain.

We treated ourselves to a Wii- justifying it by saying this will be part of my wife's rehab. It really will help, but we are having trouble finding the Wii Fit, which seems to be the hotty this Christmas. We have never owned a gaming console so I'm looking forward to all the games that we can explore together.

I hear it eats batteries so the chargable Controllers are the way to go, so that might be Santa's gift to us. We are not doing the traditional family Christmas this year since She can't travel long distances right now, so the adults are not buying presents for each other and we are all adopting families or giving to charity: however we want this season. It feels so good. Siunce we have no children I like the idea of making someone less fortunate; Christmas a little brighter.

Remember Jesus and think about our blessings this past year, as we suffer through this financial downturn. Pray for all who lost jobs. It helps keep things in perspective.

Blessings to all my Blogging Buddies,



  1. Begin Wii slowly. It is very much like doing the real thing but without the weight. I did the bowling with my son - it worked exactly like bowling in real life (even after all these years my game is the same) and I was sore the next day!

    The year my husband first had angina & he was waiting for by-pass which they switched to angioplasty (which was new but didn't think would work because he was so blocked) we were on welfare and a lady adopted us. She knit the kids' stockings which we still use and filled them, and gave the kids wonderful gifts - it really made our christmas.

  2. Christmas story is beautiful-thanks for sharing. Awesome Jeannie!!! & thanks for the advice on the Wii--I've already experienced a wiinjury! Tennis got the elbow and forearm, ouch!!!!!



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