Friday, December 19, 2008




Does anyone feel like I do when I by a fairly big ticket item(s) and then guilt yourself to death over buying them and ruin any joy you may have had HOWEVER BRIEF? Or laugh your butt off at how you can justify just about anything in the world. "But Honey, that Bass Boat will allow us to spend endless hours together in the solitude of the lake that God made just for you and I?" "But Baby, the Space Shuttle goes with the mailbox/NASA theme!"

Well we didn't get a Bass Boat (but our dream is to one day have a Pontoon!!! We love to sleep out on the lake and Striper fish together. It's not often when your fishing buddy is your wife, But I love it!).

But I digress. We are debt free, have no credit cards and I only owe on my school loans. Cash is king at the crash! So I bought my wife a laptop, so she can sit on the bed and do her thing since her neck surgery limits her time of sitting upright. OK a Collective----"awwwwwwww". LOL

And of course I just "happened" to find a killer deal on a 47' Samsung 1080i LCD HD 120 Htz TV, which will be here in a few short hours. After paying off all our medical bills, since 2004-(hey a triple bypass ain't exactly chump change even with insurance), but we paid faithfully every month and we are now out from under all that debt. It feels soooo good. We do want to start saving, so we have been living like we were only had one income, and getting used to the lifestyle. Now that we have no debt we can't put an entire months salary in savings, and not miss it- to put down on a land package deal.

We will probably buy about 5 acres, tame 1 to 2 of it and let the rest be, with only a small "yard".
I had 3 acres that I meticulously labored over year after year and I' ain't doin it no mo! I love a small garden and we will probably put a Double Wide on it while we build, and then sell or move/ rent the Mobile Home.

Damn, stay on topic....So we have justified it buy saying: that we have the cash, we stay at home and watch TV, and play on the Computer, and we just got a Wii and are having a blast with it together, so why not buy what we do the most-right? It is part of my wife's' rehab from the surgery. Seriously, they have several at their physical therapy office!

So I'm waiting as the orders dribble in, a cable here, a TV card here, a Router here, and then the TV tomorrow and New HD cable dish installed Sunday- (blasphemy send him to hell!) And the Laptop should arrive on the 22nd or so. I can justify every item but I don't have too. Not to anybody, but more importantly not to ourselves.

We are as deserving of these toys as anyone on the Planet and we are going to enjoy them without the associated guilt that usually comes after a large purchase! I love to see other people succeed and I don't understand people who don't want others to do well. So, yeah US! Wii are going to go Blue Ray, Blue Tooth and High Def within 3 days, and then have a BM when the first bill comes!! But we will pay it off before ANY interest accrues! Tomorrow is not guaranteed even as of this typing. Live in the MOMENT, but prepare for tomorrow also.

"So, if any of you are wondering if you should take the Lexus back, or put off that Cruise to Jamaica man, yes, you should. You don't deserve it you miserable cretins. Why should you have any fun in life at all!!!!! he said, His voice dripping with sarcasm."

Be happy, treat yourself, lighten up; let's not let life control us, but let's take control of our lives. We have the power and the right to do so! Just be kind and mannerly, say thanks and how do? Open doors and pull out chairs. Laugh and cry with a friend- or better yet a stranger. Share raw emotions with someone you've barely met, and watch the cosmic connection as you both know deep inside that you each care, one for the other. Be a kind, gentle, loving, giving, spiritual being. Let go of cynicism, bitterness, prejudice, hatred, fear, envy, jealously, and the most important one- UN-forgiveness. They are more poisonous than Arsenic.


Enjoy that Sunset............who knows if tomorrow if it will rise again for you?

Love to you all,


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