Monday, December 8, 2008


I an anticipating another good week! I am off today so that is a good start and we are having our Urgent Care Christmas Party this Friday. I can't wait to play Defibrilate the Doc again this year!

You line up all the Doctors and shock them placing the paddles one on each ear, and keep increasing the voltage until you have One Doc Standing! It's hilarious.

We are still excited about our Wii, and as expected we are having a little trouble finding Wii Fit. But it will still be a couple of months before the Wifey can really start rehab with that. Any suggestions on cool games we can play together that don't require a lot of movement? Are the Agatha Christie games OK??, or any good Role playing games- We already do the Meter maid and the Angry Car.....wait------so sorry, that's not a Wii bad! Best move right along here...........

see ya soon,



  1. Your games are frightenly funny!

  2. why did you need a Wii? Sounds like you have a lot of imagination for games that don't require technology.

    Maybe rehab would be helped along by a swing above the bed. (I have absolutely no idea what anyone does with a swing above the bed btw - I'm afraid that portion of my education is lacking)

  3. You Both Lie.... Both of you.... YOU LIE--you LIE YOU LIE, story tellers! LOL...... Little miss innocents are we.......

    j--how much rope?



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