Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Life Lessons
Simply America

Written to a 2 year old in Arkansas.

Wisdom is a deep well you'll spend your whole life digging. All of us are God's children. Some of God's special children think God and Wisdom are silly topics. Be kind to these folks.
The rain falls on the evil and the just. Everything works out for the best for those who love the Lord. Those pills are often hard to swallow. Be patient.

Look at the sky and the tress at least Twice daily.

Smell EVERY flower in your yard when it blooms. Move Turtles out of the road. You can't have too many friends.

Anything worth building can be built in a sandbox with scraps of wood.

Be grateful for spankings and lectures. You'll find you have friends who need one. They won't be so lucky as you and will be given Ritalin and TV instead.

One Book- is worth 1000 Television shows.

The King James Bible contains God's poetry. Read Proverbs and 1st Corinthians 13 OVER and OVER and OVER again. Reading books of wisdom from other cultures will help you see the bible more clearly.

The smartest people only use 4% of the mind. Stand on the 4 (four) yard line of a football field and look at the distant goalpost 96 yards away and realize your POTENTIAL!

Learning what it's like to be hungry will eliminate the troublesome trait of being hard to please!

Tip good waiters and waitresses well. Say please and Thank You. Open doors for others. Say yes, ma'am and yes sir.

Always have a flashlight with good batteries- especially make sure you put one in the car for your wife/daughter.

The long term damage caused by not hearing birds frogs and crickets is FAR FAR worse than not having air conditioning. If you find yourself living in a place without frogs, birds and crickets, make arrangements to move.

Doing one's best increases one's ability to do one's best! The point of school is NOT the diploma. Let them teach you to be curious and to want to learn.

Sometimes you will get kicked in the teeth while helping others, but self respect is more important than teeth.

Remember, people are human.

Every second counts. Decide to be happy. Trust God.

Everything has a price. Some prices are not worth paying. Some things are made to sell not use.

Trade with locally owned stores.

Sing daily. Play a musical instrument.

You'll learn more in a garden than almost anywhere else. Onions and Garlic are good for you. So is peanut butter. And eat your turnips- they'll make your hair curly.

Lack of forgiveness causes much of the world's trouble. Help change that! Forgive often and quick.

Beauty comes from inside of you, not from a jar. Wrinkles will come. Wrinkles formed from smiling are signs of beauty.

A prayer's most important part is when we shut up and listen. Don't blame God for the failings of the Church folks and religion. Live life with the end in mind.

Write letters.

Memorize the light in your parents' eyes. One day they will close.

Did I say Trust God?

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