Thursday, May 10, 2007


OK- Here it is Folks- Back to what this blog is really all about- daily devotions.. for Christians of all Denominations and all who want to start moving forward in life, believing in "A" Higher POWER or some Greater Good. As for me- It's Jehovah God , Jesus Christ- the Son of God, and the Holy Spirit of God, sent to continue to teach us based on the WORD of GOD- JESUS made flesh then put into written form through the Holy Spirit. However- ALL can benefit from what I hope are Eternal, Essentail & Basic Truths that are Universal in scope and practice.

Let's take away the practical truths and let the Theologians argue "RELIGION" This is NOT- Religious. This is part of MY belief system. Period! Please take from it what you will. There will never again be this disclaimer and all the stuff above. You can read more detail about this in a previous blog if you so desire. Bear with this one and daily or almost daily blogs will be briefer and more concise (unless we need to stop and chew on it a little) ALL FEEDBACK welcome and these will hopefully be a quick read you can do before work, or with a cup of coffee--just something to ENCOURAGE you in LOVE. That is the Intent. To help you go- FULL-ON FORWARD...whever you are going! I pray I won't have to enable verification- we'll see.

#1 - MAY 10, 2007

"Add to your faith, virtue"... (Furnish your faith with resolution.")- Moffatt. 2 Peter 1:5

(see the link to in the links section to easily go and look up other verses, search scripture(s) etc.- AWESOME site).

To "ADD" means that there is something that "WE" have to do.
Remember we are in danger of forgetting that "God, will not do what WE can do", and "We cannot do what God does".

We cannot save ourselves, or sanctify ourselves (keep on setting ourselves apart for God) -that's Gods' job- only He can do that. "For by Grace we are SAVED by, through, in, with FAITH and even that is not of OURSELVES- But that too is a gift FROM God" (iticas mine) -paraphrased.- The SALVATION, GRACE and FAITH are all supplied by God- all WE have to do is accept and believe. Too easy huh?

But, God will not give us good habits- WE have to work on that! He will not give us character, He will not MAKE us walk the right path- WE have to "ADD" or do all those- Faith without works is dead and Work out your salvation with fear and trembling are Godly reminders that WE, have to DO. Faith is an Action word...a verb. A continuing, ongoing process.

To ADD can be very difficult in the beginning- a habit takes about, what 28 days of constant repetition to become a part of us and then for a while we have to maintain it until it becomes so ingrained it is an unconscious part of us! Just like exercise the Faith muscles may be sore initially!

Be careful that you don't keep "asking" the way when you know full well were it is and what direction you should head. When God speaks, be Immediately Obedient and just GO! Now is not the time to say... Lord...(pr. LAWD)... will you confirm in me that I should help 94 year old Ms. Johnson take in her groceries--that may not be my Spiritual Gift!!!. LOL- Don't laugh- our Church body is famous for that- moi Included. Just do it! To steal from Nike.

This goes against all we've been taught but I'm going to say it anyway-- To go FULL-ON FORWARD- BURN YOUR BRIDGES BEHIND YOU! Make it Impossible to go back! (Now, I'm not talking relationships etc. use your head)- Take the initiative, take the steps necessary to move forward and don't say- "I'll pay off that debt", I'll write that letter of apology", I'll call my Old High school buddy that's been popping into my mind for two weeks now"..... These are things WE must DO. Do our part and God will do His- He will keep us Saved and Sanctified for all Eternity as we learn to walk closer with Him daily.

MAKE THE "THING" whatever the command, or whatever we need to do, the right thing etc.- INEVITABLE!!

Procrastinators- you may start tomorrow.

TITTS- Taking It To The Streets-when you see TITTS- this is what it will mean-(hey, I can't help the acronym: it is what it is... and yes I'll get some heat for posting this and the dog pic.. but lets keep it real. As I grow I go. I'll hope and pray to stop straddling the fence one day.

OK-- TITTS: The take Home Message, The bottom line, This will be the practical what we can do with it thingy- it's been said that some Christians are so Heavenly bound that they are no earthly good! Like that? I didn't come up with it. But I did come up with this:


In His Service,



  1. Hi John, some good preaching going on with you. People need to learn and understand it is "whatever will be will be" with God. To learn we are not servants but sons. Under the old covenant the people knew God by different names but they didn't and couldn't know Him as Father until Jesus. Jesus said - "he who has seen me has seen the Father" in John 14:9 and goes on to say more about the relationship. Understanding God as a Loving Father is difficult for many because of their earthly experience. All the more for Christian Fathers to walk the Love walk. Keep on Loving and sharing John. From the west coast of Canada

  2. Like that? It just came to me!



  3. behaven,

    Thank you so much for stopping by. I explained earlier on in my Blod a litle more of the Christian Faith I Love sooo much.

    I can't thank you enough for the kind words. I was so into checking the site meter and seeing that I actually had a few "hits". I'm very new to this even though I blooged with this site many years ago.

    I then saw the trap Satan had set. I'm not to post for John. I've always needed a lot of reinforcement and validation. But I needed to past to bring Glory to ABBA!! LOL and Point people to the Son and let Him do the rst of the work.
    Boy I feel into the trap of comprimise and I will still have to watch it!

    Blessings my Friens,


  4. Hey sorry for not finshing the 2nd sentence accurate. We are not robots or puppets. we are lead by the spirit of God, we make decisions that affect not only us but others at our free will.

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