Thursday, May 31, 2007


" Jesus did not commit himself to them... for He knew what was in man." John 2:24-25

1. Put God First in Trust: Our Lord trusted no man, yet he was never suspicious, never bitter, never in despair about any man because He put God first. We are to follow the same pattern. Jesus trusted ABSOLUTELY in what God's Grace could do for and in any person.

Never trust in anything but the GRACE of God in yourself or any other person. Any other quality in yourself or others- esp. emotions are never perfect- but God's Grace--ahhh that is another story. It is by one of the many definitions "The freely given UNMERITED FAVOUR of GOD!!!!" It's a gift from God and is what and why He saved us. For by Grace are you saved through Faith (and He supplies the Faith to) and that not of too is a GIFT from God!

2. Put God's Needs First: "Lo, I come to do THY (YOUR) will Oh, God." (Heb 10:9.)
A man's obedience is to what he sees to be a need. Something that he can to to fill or meet that need in his circle or of the Church in a broader sense. Our LORD'S Obedience was ONLY to the Will of the Father. Instead of trying to evangelize the world around us we need to "Tarry ye until"..this is the part of waiting for clear instruction from God about His will and specifically the NEED of the person(s) to whom you are told to minister. Wait until you know what God says is the need in that persons life- NOT WHAT YOU- perceive it to be.

When God's needs in US have been met- when we have swept around our own doorstep- when we have cleaned our own house of Demons- then and only then will He start teaching and allowing us to minister to others. HIS WILL BE DONE- not anyone or any Church's.

3. Put God's Trust First: "And whoever receives one such little child in my name, receives me." (Matt 18:5.)
God gives me Himself completely when I am but a baby- Newly Saved or Born again. My Life is to be a Bethlehem of sorts. Am I allowing myself to Grow up in and into God through Christ Himself or am I always putting my life and needs first.

TITTS: Taking it to the streets (remember?)

Am I allowing my self, my inner man, woman, to be slowly changed by the INDWELLING (sharing the space) of the SON OF GOD? Have I made room for Him in my Heart and more Importantly am I allowing my MIND to be transformed into the Mind of Christ? Talk about thinking outside the box. That's why it is so hard to truly allow God to flow through you or speak to you about what is best (His will remember?) for someone else, because we have preconceived notions and answers about what we THINK is right when we have absolutely NO CLUE as to what the real problem, answer or even the right questions are!!! Let God give you the correct info and then go minister LOVINGLY without prejudice or pride to that person.

Hey- Pride and Prejudice--hmmmm. maybe a good title for a book!

GOD'S ULTIMATE PURPOSE IS THAT HIS SON MIGHT BE MANIFESTED IN MY MORTAL FLESH. Do you think we can ever yield ourselves enough to become LIKE CHRIST here on earth? We have been given that promise and all the tools to do it with. Do we dare become that FAN-atical to allow ourselves to decrease that He might Increase?????


  1. What denomination are you? Christian but do you consider yourself like methodist or anything like that.... just curious.

  2. I started out Methodist as a child, then went to a Pentecostal Church (rolling on floor, tongues etc. and quickly ran like hell outta there LOL- and then went to Baptist.
    Baptist was only for the sound doctrine not for the rigidity & strictness that some are noted for.

    I guess to answer your question I am Non-Denominational- I don't think there will be any church signs in heaven-just people that decided to follow God as best they could through the Bible.

    I believe it is an intensely personal choice and "I" for instance would have no business trying to decide for YOU what is best or which way for you to go. Even though there are some TRUTHS that are universal and we all must adhere to. Golden rule for example, or Salvation. But it is much more freeing to me than it is restrictive or forbidding. So many many "Christians" push their brand of RELIGION -(which by the way I don't really care for!! Too harsh- a word-RELIGION yuck!) down peoples throats and turn them off.

    Sorry for the long winded answer but it's hard to sum up. For me- it is a "belief system"- a set of moral rules & core values I choose to obey. Some I adhere to strictly- murder, staeling adultery etc are no brainers- others- like language (cuss words-they are after all just expressions correct?, movies-some won't even watch an R rated or at least admit to hit- and then watch it privately in their homes-that sucks and is total hypocrisy and I hate it!!, dancing- I mean come on we gotta live a little right? Drinking- that's a personal choice right? It's not going to damn you to hell- what kinda God would that be?

    Thanks so much for asking- I'm sure you got way more info than you wanted LOL- but honestly I just try to be as much like the Jesus in the bible and have a LOT of fun! He was a cool dude!

    I promise I won't be so long winded and preachy but I just get really excited about it!

  3. No worries on the wordiness. I would have to agree with you there. I don't believe there will be church signs in heaven.

    You're a cool dude john. I do enjoy reading even though I don't really get the same thing out of it you do it's cool to read what other people are thinking without them screaming it in your face. And that's why I love it here. *warm fuzzies* or wait that might just be gas.... yeah gas


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