Thursday, November 11, 2010


I had an Epiphany last night! I mean a good life changing one. I talked with the wife, and we had a GOOD cry together. Then I went to the bathroom and realized it was just gas.

Just kidding, as I always hide behind the laugh, but this was a great cathartic- (Sounds like something you should only do in a bathroom-Yes?) event for the both of us!

I listened to Music last night for 3 hours with the Headphones on and was a Rock Star for everyone! I can't carry a tune at all- they won't even let me lip sync in Church!! It was awesome; just like being a teenager, and no one could come in and tell me to go to bed or TURN THAT CRAP DOWN!!!

My wife came in and we listened to a couple of songs together...Foreigner, Styx and Boston.....!

The last song was-

can you guess the title by the pic--it was Oldies Rock- 60's- 70's!

Hint: The group is an Expression used when it is Very Cold!