Sunday, November 7, 2010


My recent hopes of an awesome season for the SC Gamecoks was dashed on National TV as AK whipped our butts! But we have always choked in these situations. But there is a Silver lining.

I have been asked by one of the High School classmates--(the one I went fishing with in Ga), to go with him to the FL vs SC game in the Swamp (Gainsville FL)- to watch the game. This is for the SEC Eastern division championship which we have never won. I took Jim to is first Fl-GA Game that we went to on the train that I mention..for his first FL-GA Game in 1969! How cool is it that he has been going to this game for the last 28 years, and called and invited me!

Also I will see people I haven't seen since 1972!

This will be an awesome trip and one I'm really looking forward to next Saturday!

The Funeral for Our Step-Mom was absolutely Beautiful. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers during this tough time!

Chat with ya soon,

All my Love,