Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This is from Jeannie's Blog:  MY TWO CENTS

"I have no new drawings.

I am done with drawing strangers for now. I want to draw someone I know. But I don't have any great pictures. My own fault. I need to take closeups. Of people and not dog turds. Why do I never take pictures of people?
I'm also tired of monochrome graphite. I want to do colour. I want to paint. But I'm not sure where to start. I feel like I should be doing Cara's gigantic canvass but I'm not nearly ready for it. I want to put lewd things in it............"

There is more that needs to be read....so much more that it forced me to post these pictures. Pictures I took of things she had seen in her mind..... sorta...maybe, kinda....... I don't want to put Images in Her Head.

Pictures, that when I took them, I saw exactly what she was talking about. In my minds eye. I'm not saying she will agree with it, I'm just saying I kinda-sorta knows what she means. As well as one person can understand another. However, as soon as I clicked the shutter--IT WAS GONE. What I took was still there, but what I had seen...was GONE!

What I had seen (ever so briefly) could nor be captured, other than in my minds eye. That's why I say I kinda know what she's talking about. Maybe you can see the Lewdness in the Trees.... or answer the question of why he too would take a picture of a pile of Crap? Or any other of the weird things, I take pictures of. And this is just a small sample............ I have hundreds more. Weirder than these!

Wish they were worth a Dollar! or fitty cent!

A couple of these may amuse you, or you may even see something interesting artistically:


I missed it, and it will basically leave you saying....... WT.......????????

I had to take them.... because when I did there was something else there!I swear it! I just posted about not taking pics of people but having a thousand of the same picture of the Leafs changing on the Blue Ridge Parkway. They are all the SAME! I don't have any pics of PEOPLE! I do have pics of Dog turds- and I'll prove it! At least I hope it's a Dog--if not I have to Call Destination Truth to come scope out my woods!

 Unknown Source- but can u rel8 ?

Find the Va.........

 Hole in One
Golf Channel


St8 up

The Dog Whispererererer (In Golf Channel Announcers Voice)
He's at the Second Pee, Vern, Looks like a Dog Leg left!!!!!

Probably ate Crappie! Scat!


Alabama Tree Rat--for Heff!

Nature's Fair! 
War Eagles!

Basic Cable!

One minute, LIFE IS AWESOME! ....
Check out the Face in the Face! This one is better than I thought!
That's an Album Cover!!  
The Skeeter Hawks!
The Next: Not So Much!
 Things can change Fast!

 Dish is so much better than Cable don't ya think? This is
In-Direct TV!

Think you Got a Handle on Life? 
DIY Channel

 OK!     TWC.

 I Found a Ball half buried in the ground with a ROOT growing out of it????
WTF  Channel ..... Root is growing Out of the ball! Or is that a fuse?

Maybe the Tiger Woods Balls Do come up!
ESPN Classics

Ball....Hole. Check out Root-looks like a Bomb!
 Military Channel
or maybe back to Golf Channel.... Does it have the distance...?

Hole Ball left. WHY? WHY??? 
Why did I take it out and take pictures of it....and post it? 

Ball Bomb going off in Pollen Pond. 
Was this the reason I found it? To Throw the Ball and Take the Pic?
For this? Pretty neat result- but really- was it worth the effort?
and Yes- All that is still Pollen!
Nick at Night! 


Surfing the WEB  (ar ar!)
Reality Channel

All pics by Moi..No watermarks yet...working on it! Still pic below from Fishing Video. Yes, I took it too!

Camera went off in lap!
Whew--No Boogers!