Saturday, April 17, 2010




I should enter this in Heff's Cook-off as Imitation Lobster. Hey, who's to say a Speck can't do a good impersonation of a crustacean???? You've heard of Imitation crab right? Most people who come to Urgent Care say they have Imitation Crab from toilet seats anyway!

yeah- riiiiiiight!

This is dedicated to Heff, and Buffalodick, as I have never in my life done a food post. This is what we had for dinner tonight and I just wanted to show you what 6,000 calories of pure Lard looks like on one plate!

Don't worry guys- You will see that there is NO competition here- BUT YOU DID INSPIRE ME!!!!!


Notice the Color Scheme. I asked the Wife if she couldn't do a Sepia Cole Slaw!

I used a new batter, called House Autry, for breading the fish. I will not do that again. It is the best Hush-Puppie mix I have found, and they came out PERFECT! For the fish--not so well.

 They were great, but I will go back to 60% Flour and 40% Corn meal. It is a lighter batter, and doesn't remind you of Captain D's or Long John Silvers 1 " thick batter!!
Soak fish in Buttermilk to help batter stick. Some just use the natural wetness of the Fish. Either is OK. Place batter in bag, fish in bag, a little Salt and Pepper and shake rattle and roll!

I sprinkled a little Zatarains seasoning on the fries and Baked them.....thanks Heff, for reminding me about it in the Lobster Cook-off! I timed it well and after heating the Kitchen to 96 degrees, we sat down to my Wife's Awesome home made Cole Slaw and feasted!

The only problem was that I cooked a little too much for the two of us, and while the Fish is OK cold, right outta the fridge, the rest doesn't reheat to well. But I didn't have much leftover. 

This upcoming weekend is the Salt Water journey to Georgia's Inter-coastal Waterway and Offshore Islands, for Trout, Redfish, and anything else foolish enough to bite our hooks. This will be a reunion with my two best friends from High School, so it may be safer to anchor, and sit in the boat in the front yard! Our sides are already hurting from laughing, just planning this beast!

On a Scale of 1 to 10, this meal was an 8. I'm hooked. The Lure of of this meal is like a Baseball Game. BATTER UP! It didn't take a lot of Skill- it, only took a little. OK, OK, that's enough. Let's keep it reel. I use that Line a lot,and as most of these fish were female, to Hooker, you had to hold your Rod just right. We used artificial lures called jigs, so we didn't have to bait our own hooks. It's hard to find a master baiter this time of year anyway. Sounds Fishy doesn't it?

We did play our favorite song for luck:
She was only the Fisherman's Daughter, but She as reeling when She saw our rods!

Where was your mind?
Have a great week one and all!