Friday, February 8, 2008


I KNEW IF I'D JUST HANG IN THERE I'D BE--OK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi all,

Went into work today and my Nurse Manager and a fellow employee had a meeting. I mentioned the new job at Urgent Scare- We'll I GOT IT!!!! She also got it and it is a full-time position that is in a totally different class and pay scale as my current Emergency Department Tech II (Paramedic). I found out about this and posted about it on 1/30/08 and had it 2/5/08!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God is so awesome. We will be covering 96 hours a week. Our boss said to make out our own schedule, and take complete ownership of the position. It really is a recovery and support role and is under: Guest Services. Which means I will kiss a lot of butts and essentially try to tame an ER lobby full of angry parents and adults.

The major complaint is always wait time for 99%, and Dr did not listen to me for Drug seekers. I honestly believe this will be an awesome job as I truly do LOVE people and genuinely care about the trials and tribulations of waiting in an uncomfortable environment, with the stress of sickness, fear, time constraints, that affects every one of us at one time or another.

I have a lot of ideas of how to change a few things from the get-go...and a few weare going to stop! also, one Big great advantage (is since I do Assessment anyway)-is that I'll be able to reassure them medically, recheck vital sighs, take the really sick ones to a small "Clinical Room and watch them", make them more comfortable or just get them out of the lobby. Some people need to be moved out because they are a distraction to others. Guest Services personnel are hardly ever clinical personnel (in our Hospital system anyway).

All you Medical folks know what I'm talking about: as I try to tame the wild lobby. But Lord willing and with a little kindness and compassion I can make a difference
in a few of the patients patients visits...and the ones I can't-- Oh, least I tried. Oh...and their will be a lot of time for education- community wide too!!!!

For those of you who prayed and wished me well- Thank You from the Bottom of my heart. I'll still be a Tech for probably 1 month until my position is filled and then after the other employee finishes school I will be moved into the Head Role of Guest Services of our Urgent Care.

Now I can only decide which way to go School wise-- Human Resources, Health Informatics, Health Administration ?????.....but it's exciting and new and a challenge! I love the new breeze and direction that I'm heading....the Earth is my Oyster and I'm not allergic to Shellfish!!!

Thanks all- have a great weekend!

OH_ If anyone reads this and has some experience, suggestions, resources- or knows someone that does...PLEASE E-MAIL ME Or Post Here!!!!!!
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