Saturday, February 9, 2008


New Microsoft User error. Coming with Vista!

Why I divorced my first wife- she wanted to go skiing but couldn't find a lake with a slope on it-(rim shot) pause......laugh.... and she got tired of throwing out all the bad M & M's- the one with the W's on them! Old, but I guarantee your smiling and picturing a big bin of "Bad" M&M's along a Blonde assembly line!

My only problem with M&M's is that the little chocolate ones--- I hate peeling them! It's a lot of work for that little tiny piece of chocolate! Kinda like "King Crab Legs". A man could STARVE before he got enough of those to peeled to eat!

Is there a theme here? OK- Everyone--please add the number ONE or TWO things-

that you would hate to peel............ !!!! Go crazy!

1. I would hate to have to peel a porcupine!