Wednesday, May 2, 2007


The boys are home safe and sound even though they are minus the family jewels. Boy was one of them pissed. Faith, the little White one took it very personally and dissed us for hours. He even peed on himself to the disgust of Doc- the big Tiger Striped male. Faith is 7 months and 8 lbs and Doc is 1 year old and 12 lbs already!

Our Lab Hope is loving both of them and taking care of her boys. It is so awsome to watch animals interact- they are so much like people to me. Their attitudes, emotions, quirks are all unique and as individual as fingerprints!

Good to have the family home and intact. May watch some of the Planet Earth series, The Notebook which a friend lent us and we haven't watched yet, and my dad said to go pick up Deja Vu with Denzel Washington- he said it was awesome. It's gonna be 92 here today and I just can't take that heat anymore! I have a strange feeling I seen Deja Vu before--I know-- very very Lame- about as lame as my very first post about a parallel Universe and the feeling of Vuja de- That you've Never been there before. Hey- this is free! OK?? LOL