Sunday, October 31, 2010


Hi everyone. Unfortnately my Mother in Law is gravely ill and not expected to live very much longer. We are talking hours to a day or two. This has been a Long , prolonged illness and her suffering will finally end.

Unfortunately that doesn't take away the finality, hurt, pain, and all the trimmings that go along with it. This is my wife's Step-Mother, so we have her 3 Step Brothers and their families converging together by tomorrow. Unfortunately this is one of the tough parts of life, but a process we all must endure sooner or later. I happen to believe in the Great Hereafter, with an awesome God, and the reward of eternal life in this belief system. It brings a lot of comfort- but it really doesn't lessen- nor do I think it should- alter the grieving process.

For those of you who will - I simply ask for prayers of comfort for the family, and for others who may not believe the same-- just that well wishes and positive thoughts be sent our families way. This can possibly bring healing in some areas that we could use a little help in.

PLEASE- a special prayer for my wife- as tomorrow would be her Fathers birthday, and we lost him- an Air Force Bomber Pilot, and retired Lt. Colonel in the Air Corps, several years ago to a long drawn out battle with Prostate Cancer. We were able to talk with her Step Mother as late as this past Thursday- when she was sitting up and eating.

Many of you may know, that in the process of dying, a lot of times there is a brief period of almost Miraculous recovery in terminally ill patients. It almost seems cruel, as this gives a lot of families false Hope. It also possibly affords people time to make amends and ask forgiveness, take care of unfinished business etc.

So on this night- I would like for you to think :

Is there anything I- (WE) need to do with Family, ex-family, friends or anyone- that we might wish we had done earlier. Sometimes we are given this chance, and I hate to sound preachy- but from experience it might help one or two who may read this, and are able to use it!

I Love you my Blogger Family, and want to take this moment to say- while I truly don't know you as well as I'd like- I'd like to think of us as a Family- and tell you that I appreciate and love each one of you. I don't do this for any other reason than the special bond of those that read this, and those that I follow!

You are truly special people in my life right now with the my little health concerns etc., and I have benefited more than you will ever know from this Blog and our Craziness and Laughter during this transition period in our lives.!

Much Love in Christ.....



  1. John, You and your family are in our prayers for comfort and understanding of this time you are faced with.

  2. I am praying for you and your family...and for your help with missing her when she has gone to her eternity...

  3. I am disheartened about this. You are a funny man, and I hope you and your family will get through this gracefully.

    Wishing you and the rest of the family well from half across the world.

  4. My prayers are with you.
    Death is always hard even when you know it's coming and it should be a mercy. Because it's final (for now). It's that last thread of hope that snaps and that person is no longer in your life with such abruptness.

    And I discover, at funerals, that the person was so much more than I knew - and that I wish I'd known them better.

    But - as they say - even for those who don't believe in heaven - they are never really gone if we still remember them.

  5. Peace be with you and yours, my brotha.

  6. Itis Tuesday and I only hope that her passing to the house of her ancestors was/is done in peace and without remorse from the living. May she sleep well and comfortably in that place.

  7. TO ALL: Thank you so much! I truly feel the Love! You are all awesome.

    Love you guys and gals!



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