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Anyone ever tried this? - THE ARTICLE IS SERIOUS.


How to achieve good vision while driving during a heavy downpour. 

We are not sure why it is so effective; just try this method when it rains heavily.  This method was told by a Police friend who had experienced and confirmed it. It is useful...even driving at night. 

Most of the motorists would turn on HIGH or FASTEST SPEED of the wipers during heavy downpour, yet the visibility in front of the  windshield is still bad......

In the event you face such a situation, just try your SUN GLASSES (any model will do), and miracle! All of a sudden, your visibility in front of your windshield is perfectly clear, as if there is no rain.

Make sure you always have a pair of SUN GLASSES in your car, as you are not only helping yourself to drive safely with good vision, but also might save your friend's life by giving him this idea..

Try it yourself and share it with your friends! Amazing, you still see the drops on the windshield, but not the sheet of rain falling.

You can see where the rain bounces off the road.  It works to eliminate the "blindness" from passing semi's spraying you too.

Or the "kickup" if you are following a semi or car in the rain. They ought to teach that little tip in driver's training.  It really does work.

This warning is a good one!   I wonder how many people know about this~

A 36 year old female had an accident several weeks ago and totaled her car. A resident of Kilgore , Texas  she was traveling between Gladewater & Kilgore. It was raining, though not excessively, when her car suddenly began to hydro-plane and literally flew through the air.  She was not seriously injured but very stunned at the sudden occurrence!

When she explained to the highway patrolman what had happened he told her something that every driver should know - NEVER DRIVE IN THE RAIN WITH YOUR CRUISE CONTROL   ON .  She thought she was being cautious by setting the cruise control and maintaining a safe consistent speed in the rain. But the highway patrolman told her that if the cruise control is on when  your car begins to hydro-plane and your tires lose contact with the pavement,
your car will accelerate to a higher rate of speed making you take off
like an airplane. She told the patrolman that was exactly what had occurred.

The patrolman said this warning should be listed, on the driver's seat
sun-visor - NEVER use the CRUISE CONTROL WHEN

THE PAVEMENT IS WET OR ICY, along with the airbag warning. We tell our teenagers to set the cruise control and drive a safe speed - but we don't tell them to use the cruise control only when the pavement is dry.

The only person the accident victim found, who knew this (besides the patrolman), was a man who had a similar accident, totaled
his car and sustained severe injuries.

NOTE: Some vehicles (like the Toyota Sienna Limited XLE) will not allow you to set the cruise control when the windshield wipers are on. If you send this to 15 people and only one of them doesn't know about this, then it was all worth it. You might have saved a life. 

My DirecTv receiver died--or at least I'm getting a 14 -830 error code that I am to call Tech support to troubleshoot. This is a refurbished unit and it worked quite well for about a year and a half! Now it is possibly DOA- and on

FOOTBALL SATURDAY!!!! So I'll spend 14.2 hours on the phone only to be told to box it up and send it back!

Anyway- I'm looking forward to calling and speaking with Charles  (Rashish): all I will be able to think about is Outsourced (SUX BAD, IMHO)- I though it had awesome possibilities, but I was sure let down by tit so far--but it will make this call funny!)

I'll let you know who I get!!


Walmart has announced it will soon begin offering customers a new discount item, Walmart's own brand of wine.  The world's largest retail chain is rumored to be teaming up with the Ernest & Julio Gallo Winery of California to produce the wine at an affordable price in the $2 to $5 range.  Wine connoisseurs may not be inclined to put a bottle of the Walmart brand into their shopping carts.  "There is a market for inexpensive wine," said Kathy Micken, Professor of Marketing at University of Arkansas, Bentonville, "however, branding will be very important.Customer surveys were conducted to determine the most attractive name for the Walmart wine brands and varieties.  The top surveyed names in order of popularity were:
                    10. Chateau Traileur Parc
                      9. White Trashfindel
                      8. Big Red Gulp
                      7. World Championship Riesling
                      6. NASCARbernet
                      5. Chef Boyardeaux
                      4. Peanut Noir
                      3. I Can't Believe It's Not Vinegar
                      2. Grape Expectations
                      1. Nasti Spumante
The beauty of Walmart wine is it can be served with either white meat (Possum) or red meat (Squirrel).
P.S.:  Don't bother writing back to tell me this is a hoax.  I know possum ain’t white meat.


  1. Good advice about the sunglasses and cruise control. I forget about cruise all the time and would never use it in rain anyway as I prefer the illusion that I have control of the car in bad weather. I'll have to see if sunglasses work in snow too! hahahaha

  2. Let me know how that phone thing works out, because I have an opposite version of the situation...Since I do tech support over the phone, sometimes I have people from India call ME for tech support...and let me tell you, it is no easier to understand them when the tables are turned!!

  3. ha

    the ravages of time

    Aloha from Hawaii

    Comfort Spiral


  4. Don't bother writing back to tell me this is a hoax. I know possum ain’t white meat.

    I knew you were pulling my leg when you said Possum was white meat, wonder when the Walmart wine will actually make it onto the shelves or the floor even :)

  5. Oh ok, I'll try the sun glasses advice and will spread your word of wisdom to everybody near me if it proof to be valid in this part of the world :)

    As for sleet and ice... we don't have them here. (I hope we do though)

  6. Walmart wine...that's a classic! and probably true.

    I don't have any problems driving in the rain. What's rain?


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