Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jerk Stopper!

What to do on an airplane when you find yourself seated next to a real jerk
 1. Take out your laptop.

 2. Slowly open your laptop.

 3. Turn it on.

 4. Make certain your neighbor is watching.

 5. Open your internet browser.

 6. Close your eyes for a few moments, open them and then look up to the sky,
 or the heavens if you will.

 7. Breathe deeply and open this site
 8.. Look at the expression on your neighbor's face.

Last Fishing Trip- 8.18.10

Preening Duck

Eat my Wake!

OMG--Duck's gonna get Wet! It's Drizzling! 
4 of the 5 Intake Towers--ALL Clear behind them!
All 5- and still Beautiful Weather

20 minutes later right behind the Towers

10 Minutes after that!!!  WE BE GOING IN!!!!

Bob had literally activated the New Weather alert system and Sirius Radio package to go with the new Lowrance Fish Finder, Car Wash and Bedazzeler- and the alarm went off- saying Severe Storm 6 miles away. We would easily have stayed and out run the baby ones was only a drizzle and I think you can even see some drops in the Duck Pics.. We moved the map up the lake- saw the storm on Radar- and hauled butt to the landing. We took the boat out, and the storm hit as we were getting in the Vehicle!!!!

60 mph Winds, Hail--Trees down, and we were Home! I know how to handle that lake, and it's changing weather. This storm was birthed out of the blue and on us in an Hours time. Had we not had the warning--we would have beat the bad stuff---but gotten completely soaked! It was a Blessing to have the capability to see the storm before it was too late. It actually paid for the service with-in 10 minutes of activation. We had 3" of rain in one hour from this storm at the House!

I'm sure glad we were home safe, as other people were just launching their boats as we were heading in!!!!!


  1. Yes Sir--That would do it Ha Ha!!

  2. Can you go online in the air?

    Might get you searched and manhandled and charged too...

    But the thought is pretty funny.

  3. John, you are wicked!
    This also works on trains in England, especially the kids sitting behind you who insist on kicking the back of your seat!


  4. Jimmy, Jeannie & Alice (vbhfatp),

    Thanks--I wonder now how many lists I'm on for having that content on my blog?


  5. John...people like you are one of the many reasons I refuse to fly. That and fees equal to a tank of motor home gas.

    That does look like a pretty big blow that you beat out.

  6. I love the lake, and I love the storm!

  7. Damn, I cant access it here at work. : (

    BUt I will take you word John.
    I dont fly very often (i have issues). Bigger ones than some ass sitting next to me.

    Can you find a cure for that? :)
    happy friday!

  8. I use that website on my laptop in the BATHROOM.

    It helps me pace myself.

  9. twm-- I long for the simpler days of just someone being a PLANE ol' jerk! Not worrying about a friggin' Fuse sticking out of a flip-flop. I guess it will never be the same again!

    It was a butt kicking storm.


    Joe--Thanks buddy--it is an underused resource- except on weekends! Then you take your life in your own hands with all the "personal watercraft"! This huge lake- had only 3 boats around us that afternoon--until after work and a few more people put in!


    SoccerMom- read Fear of Flying?? LOL-- I'm not laughing AT you- as after an extremely bad experience landing in Atlanta- I watched as we hydro-PLANED ar ar- across the runway toward some buildings, until Capt. Dude recovered and straightened the plane out!

    I am slowly getting over that--and I will fly in a small plane and do aerobatics in a heartbeat.


    Heff- LMBO-- praise be to Ali Bubba that you have a bathroom--I have to go in a sand cave!! I have the pics to prove it!. And you know I Doo-Doo....don't make me post them!


  10. re: flying with a jerk... you're crazy!

    Nice pics... I don't mess with those weather things (except when I'm in my dad's boat off-shore). In canoes and kayaks, I'll just tough it out! I got caught in a thunderstorm last summer. Lightning was the least of my problems as my pooch hates thunder and I didn't know if we were both gonna go swimming before I got to the other side of the lake.

  11. The rain clouds are beautiful. I will try to snap some pics like that here. :)

    And the bomb timer stuff is wicked, dude!

  12. sage-- I wouldn't have need of one anywhere except like you say--OFFSHORE and then it would be a must!


    Shadowthorne-- I want to see those pics as soon as there taken!!!


  13. I have some pic of BLUE SKIES instead in my blog :)

  14. Jerk Stopper! That was a classic!

    Severe weather comes along once in a while to let us know we aren't really in control of anything!


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