Friday, August 27, 2010

Hi You--or Haiku- in Hawaiian!

Two blogs that MUST be seen and read to be believed!!!

 HAIKU!----  Bless You!

when i post with you
words are totally inept
dance with me instead

Nude warning below......scroll down for test!

You passed!
How High will she jump?

a. 2 '
b. 6 '
 c. 10 '
d. who cares????
e. Is it fair to make a dog jump like that?


  1. When I think of you
    it's not for stupid haiku
    it's for white dawg doo

  2. Ha! I'd love to see the outcome of that!

  3. Nice John. Nice. Really. Well, your Haiku anyway.

  4. Jeannie... What Haiku?

    He said innocently.

  5. I'll put it back....

    Beach (Beyatch for u rappers) Haiku

    snuck up for a snif
    to try to identify
    twas then she pooted!

  6. if you say nude.. I'm going to have to scroll down. I'm just sayin

  7. POOPSIE!!!

    My Gal!! I knew that would get 99.9% of everyone! There is no way I could pass it up. But Since I don't think I've ever posted one I wanted to give any little ones fair warning.

    Can't wait to catch up with ya Young Lady!!!!

    John Boy

  8. i have to say....
    i love your haiku.
    it is sultry and irresistible.

  9. Nice job, John. I used to go to the "clothing optional" beach in Santa Barbara when I was younger. It is a nice feeling. I love your haiku and the blog. Nice to meet you.

  10. rebecca- Thanks so much for stopping by!!! You are always welcome here at Fill-on.



    Noelle Renee- thanks for such a compliment /comment. Your blog is phenomenal.


  11. Is the jump vertical or horizontal?

    Vertical 2'

    horizontal 6'

  12. Hi John - I'd love to. Dance, that is.

  13. Over Miami
    You did it, my leetle fre
    you showed us "the moon!" ;)

    (PS - Miami's the name of the pooch!) lol

    Thanks for joining in on the fun, Juanny D. You're the best! Hugs and besos, Ily

  14. PS - That should've read, "fren!"

  15. Woah! Get that freakin' dog out of her hoo-ha!

    Although, if you're gonna let it all hang out, I guess that's the risk you're gonna take.

    Look, Ma! No tan lines!!

  16. twn-- dammit--only you can point out the obvious!! I don't know! But once again--Light you have shed--and I agree with the distances-LOL!!

    You r DA MAN Mark!!!

    Have a good weekend on Vermin Patrol on da porch. Let me know what heinous crimes happen before your eyes this weekend! I miss the streets! (As a Paramedic of course!!)


    Meri-- Whew--glad you cleared that up-- :-). Wear steel toed shoes! Welcome to Full-On Forward. I saw several cool responses you made on other blogs and I'll swing by yours today!!!

    Thanks again and please come back!


    SI- Yes, SI--YES??? SI? What? No, que? SI....Yes! OK-- so SI for Scarlet Ily doesn't work!

    Love ya Ily-- Moon over Miami--lol-what an awesome Haiku!!!

    Love ya back y much beso's y hugs!

    From "Miami"--the Smooch Pooch! Hope he/she has had her /his shots! He's got a good one where he is!!! Ciao, fren' and have a great although it sounds like BUSY weekend!


    Juanny D.


    That actually happened to me on my first "foray" with my ex-wife--"a la Doberman". I've never been more surprised in my life, and the fact that it happened was unreal....I made sure the door was shut from then on. AL-ass it only lasted two years--the Dog came between us. Ohhh- that sounds bad...

    So--We guilted you into showing up eh?????? LMBO at your quandary! You are the best!

    Have a stellar weekend!

    I like no tan lines and tan lines now that you mention it. Both are sexy.



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