Wednesday, August 1, 2007

THEY'RE BAAAACCCK!!!!! spider alert

Great- just in time for my departure today- Butch and Sundance are back. Probably waitng for me in my VERSED & VALIUM enduced HAPPY MEAL state _THANKS HAMMER_ now I'm a slut meal for my Garden Pests!! I'll have to go balls out to get across the porch!

Anyway- today's the day for the Clean Bill of Health SICKO style...somebody send me a Cupon as Ron White says it- my printer died awhile back. And I have extra ink that costs more than the whole printer did and they probably don't make the pirinter anymore- a $34.00 hp-deskjet 3320. Hell they weren't even proud enough of it to capitalize it's name!!! That ought to have told me something. Course now that I have my trusty camera that takes Pictures of ALL THINGS FATAL and OTHERWORDLY- if I live from the varmints- I'll need a printer to print out my few days disability from missing work- all 3 to 5 of them!!! Should just go for disability but I don't know if this cracker have dis ability to get it done within the system!!!!!

NowhatImsayin.....Imnotsayin...imjustsayin........... you Know WHAT IF!!!!


  1. lol keep some sevin dust in your underwear and you should be ok.

  2. you sure that's not a camel spider? it is huge!!!

  3. Maybe the spider made its way into your house. You might wake up one day and find it on your bed (with the lizard). "Say hello to my little friend..."

  4. hammer- spider snorted sevin dust- wants to know your supplier- LOL
    DDT in Underware-- DING Dong and Testicles - LOL

    c- not sure- will Google Camel spider--1 hump or two? :-)

    Scarlet- have a sfae trip my dear! Love the Pacino impression-- Say hello tomy lttle frien!!! Priceless- see say when ya get back. Great NOW I can't friggon sleep.

    Poopsy- the dang thing still lites up and is breathing- it just won't pull paper--I'm sure it's something simple but a teeny meatal part fell out- how do I kill it- (GENTLY) and any ideas for the Eulogy?

    We actually have a tax free weeknd for School Supplies- so I'm gonna go get a Printer/Fax?Scanner after I teasearch the best one for Cost/PiceperPage/Ink replacement etc.!!! Save a few bucks anyway!!



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