Saturday, August 11, 2007


Another birthday come and gone. Average as birthdays go- except for the swelling in my lower legs and shortness of breath. Went to Cardiologist and he ACTUALLY said-"this sometimes happens in the summertime!!!!" 1+ pitting edema- happens in the summertime-ay ay ay!!! He never touched me-- not once- HE NEVER LISTENED TO MY CHEST!!!!!!

Note to self: Change Cardiologists! However the Swelling is going down and I'm breathing easier. I did not ingest a lot of Sodium- eat anything loaded with it- no new meds etc. so I don't know why it happened. I actually feel really well. I'm taking another week off work and then I'm going back to work on 8 hour shifts instead of three 12's to see how I do.

Hammer- Had to take the Lexnmark Printer back- it died after 3 days! Yep- belly up- something with the power cord and an adapter in the back. So i went with an old standby- Got me an HP Office Jet All in One. Hope I have as much success with this as I did with my last 30.00 one. It last 3 years!!!!

Well I'm reconfiguring my puter still- trying to decide what Apps I want and what I don't- so I'll check in over the weekend. Hope every ones Summer is going well and I'll try to catch up on all the blogs tonight or Sunday.

Oh yeah- going to Flea market Sunday to check out some killer prices on some Rod and Reels they have there- a friend went and got some Ugly Sticks- no comments! for 15.00 each. We plan to go night fishing for some Crappie, and Striped Bass. It's just too danged hot to go mid-day. So that ought to be fun!

Blessings to all- and speaking of fishing that reminds me of an old song:

She was only the Fisherman's' Daughter,
But she was reeling when she saw my Rod!!

Did you actually expect to escape with out a corny JuanPun?????

May it never be!!!

Beunas Anus,



  1. well i would be worried that he didn't listen to your heart, but i can definitely attest to the 1+ pitting edema. I have that same problem in the summer. After having a CABG 3.5 years ago. and it sucks! I call it my summer time 'potty party'!

  2. Damn that is a crap doctor..par for the course in my experience.

    Seems lexmark has let things slip that sucks!

    Hope you feel better soon and try to take it easy.

    Oh yeah and Happy Birthday!

  3. A doctor who doesn't touch your chest? I don't think I've ever been to one of those! LOL

    I remember seeing a doc for strep throat when I was younger and the doctor asking me to slip into a paper dress. What's worse is when I went to see a Cuban gynecologist who, as he was examining me, made comments like, "It's so nice to see you..." and "Say ahhh." He thought he was being funny, but he totally disgusted me.

    But enough about me, when are we going to see pics of you in your birthday suit??

  4. c- that makes me feel better about the edema and it is already going down some. Thanks

    Hammer- Yeah- the Lexmark was a bummer but this HP is awesome and I actually got 1.00 back LMAO!!!
    She was going to charge me tax on it and I said wait a minute- I bought this piece of crap on Tax free weekend and it broke!! I had to drive back over HERE to return it! Get me a supervisor.....No tax charged!! LOL- you sure get pissy at 53 don't ya!


    Did you not see the pic of the "Lady" with the Belly Button Ring Jewelry? And you want to add more nausea to yourself by my birthday suit pic??? LOL

    My birthday suit needs Ironing Badly!!!! Glad you ah bac from Bastan- (Bad accent) and at least your OB-GYN doctor doesn't say: Dr Feelgood- at Your Cervix, and hold out two fingers together pointer & middle() and says "MY Card"! LOL

    Glad you and Hubby are home safe and sound!!!


  5. Hope you get a better doctor soon.and i am still in the hospital but wanted to let you know that the surgery went well and that i am on my way to recovery :P Thank god for laptops hehe!

  6. will be here for a while longer though til thursday or friday:)

  7. Yeah find another doctor and then go back to this one and kick him in the wiener for being a retard.

    Words of wisdom and I'm not even going to charge you.

    Happy birthday.

  8. Well, let us be the judges. Post the pic!

    Snowman's comment made me laugh: "kick him in the weiner" (the same advice she recently gave me). I guess it must work for her and maybe I should try it. As they say, actions speak louder than words.

    I hope the new schedule works out for you. I am SO happy to be doing paralegal work. There are some bizarre cases of fraud in this city. I'm going to be meeting with some scary folks. Can't wait!

  9. kaylee- way to go champ!!! Now when some boy breaks your herat you make him Pay dearly for it!! Hope you get out this weekend- prayers for you and your family. Must be hard on everyone-I know it was onmy wafe just waiting- at least we are going THROUGH it and it doesn't seem so bad!! Look forward to your visits my new friend!


    OK Scarlet- u asked for it and I have a new Digital Camera and a New Scanner Printer! I hope you like Miami- cause once you see this hunk a hunk a burning love you wnat mind all those SC spiders and snakes LOL!!!

    We're gonna have to strat calling Poopsy- Da Wiener Snitzel! I think that's "Kicked in the Nads in Gernman?" LOL

    Chat with ya soon Scarlet- please keep us posted on the cool stuff at work- just mind the HIPA stuff like we have to do in medicine! LOL

    Oh- Poopsy- Thanks for the Happpy Birthday Wish- I had a great one-

    1. I lived.
    2. I bought a Scanner/printer/fax/copier/garden weasel thinky-- I love Gadgets.
    3. I bought a new Rod. Fishing rod-to Lure all the beautiful women to
    my lair!!

    PS: How are you feeling- morning sickness passing and when is first ultrasound- No kids here so no real experience- I don't do much OB at Urgent Care- they get pissed when I take my camera in---LOL


  10. Yeah I would think the camera would be a buzz kill.

    I have my first dr. appointment on Thurs. But I think it's just labs and paperwork. I'll know more on thurs.

    Morning sickness... so far I am not throwing up but I get quesy a lot. Smells most. Everything stinks.


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