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A lot of you know that I have wanted for the longest time to post a very detailed, focused and above an average or beginners Christian Small Group Learning/Teaching Experience. I am first and foremost a Christian in my walk in life and have been called a Teacher of God's Word! I know many would take exception to that by some of the things I've posted as well as language and material used on my personal blog. Oh well. That's just who I am. Honest, Growing, Learning, what you see is what you get. Imperfect and have a long way to go before I can truly call my self a Man of God!

I would like to move on into an area of Christian growth and discipleship to anyone interested and would love to have you join me on this journey. This will take many different twists turns and have many different faces from dry theological lectures to lively discussions about current events and how we as Christians are reacting to then, turning a blind eye, compromising, being hypocrites etc. We will learn about God, His attributes, His statues, His Commandments- but Most of all- WE WILL GROW CLOSER TO THE PERSON OF GOD HIMSELF!!!!! THE GIVER-- NOT THE GIFT!!!

To do this I must separate the two blogs completely. I want to continue to write for myself on Full-On Forward as a blog about my Life and Walk. I plan to do a second blog which will be stricter in the sense of a much more structured and honest attempt to teach the full truth from the work about God-(using the HOLY BIBLE)-(many Translations) & leading us Into and Understanding and a knowledge of God Himself- that we can better spend our lives discerning and doing His Word and Will to His Glory. To become better Husbands, Wife's, Children, People--better Disciples of Jesus Himself led by the Holy Spirit.

Please follow along on both if you wish or either one you like. I would love feedback as to if the two are working or if I've strayed from my true calling which is to simply journal my daily perspectives and life! Let me know- this feedback is for all of us! I think I have taken the words given to me by my early blog friends and stayed true to what I am writing about now. I don't feel the pressure to have certain numbers nor do I expect certain reactions, or an audience--I'm just writing - and it FUN!!!!!! If others learn and enjoy- YEAH!!!! like dropping by, commenting, lurking- Perfect!!!! If not- I'd be a a little put out as everyone likes to be accepted, affirmed and reaching others; but it truly doesn't define me as a Blogger now. God defines me, and after that I define myself. If I have a strong enough presence to give you the truth I've learned through the application of the Word of God and of the Life I'm living because of that Word- and If you like the way it sounds and it brings a smile to you or enlightenment and encouragement to you and yours----well AMEN!!!@!!!!

I think I'm hitting my stride in learning how far to push, what subjects work and which don't to some degree- and above all that- TO THINE OWN HEART BE TRUE AND JUST PUT IT OUT THERE!!

I'm Thinking of staying with Full-On Forward as my daily Blog as it is so much a part of me- and Starting writing the Christian- (Not so sure I even want to call it that but it will come- the WALKING WITH THE MASTER BLOG, or Walking with God, Getting to Know the King- all these will give me guidance to choose the correct one from. I'd love to have you join one or both as we branch out into a new pathway of self- discovery, love and some harsh realities about some things we may need to change and get rid of in our lives! Help me pick a name- a path! Make it yours!!!

One thing I can say without reservation. HOW! (Just kidding)....I will publish the truth of God's Word as I know it as revealed from His Spirit to ours. But I'll never tell you what you must do- or what to believe--this will be your YOUR discovery of God on your own. YOU must decide what is true from God's Word and whet er you want to follow that path or not! I merely have a few tools to help us along!!!! What do you think- is there enough interest to see if this dog'll hunt?

Give me some feedback- contact some other bloggers and see if they might like to swing by as we get it going. If it's good enough- they'll stay for the truth!!

Love to you all

John McELveen

Any and all suggestions welcome and needed!! I'm not thin skinned either. Be honest as I know you will! We will probably start this right after the first of Labor day and as soon s I see what my school schedule will be, if there is enough interest!

Love in Christ- Be praying and plowing the ground to get our hearts and minds ready for God's Truth!!!!

Love In Christ!

John McELveen

What do you think?


  1. I, for one, have been wanting SOMETHING MORE out of life than what I can see. Spirituality has gone out of me for some reason, and although I enjoy my life, I know there's something missing, the thing that will keep me grounded and out of trouble and much more than that, will give me peace, compassion, a purpose. I'm not saying I'll find it on a blog site, but the content might help me get to wherever it is I need to go. I say "GO FOR IT PREACHER BOY!" but don't lose your sense of humor or it won't work!! We need you to still be real. If I hear too much Christianese I'll be outa there! :)

    Also, I want to suggest a title for your Godly Man blog. How about "Beyond Belief?" (Just one more name to put into your hat before you choose.)

  2. Wow-- Thank you Mrs Scarlet- and most of what you see on my regular blog will shine through- I won't compromise God's Word and will have to be a little more careful on content- but with me- what you see and read is what you get. I have actuaally been mixing in some of the content along. But I do feel I need to sparate the two and go deeper into things of Faith!

    And believe me they are funny! God created me to be just like I am- wierd and looking at normal things sideways--even @ Him. He loves it when we do that!

    Thanks for the Input and Beliebe it or not!!!!


    That's the Perfect name becuse we are going beyond just confessing Christ or believing in "A GOD".

    We are gonna try to define it and live it as best we can.



  3. Hey John! I am interested. I will try to follow. So many good blogs out there but not much Christian discussion. I am sure it is out there but I have been too wrapped up in the med blogs, etc. I will tell Chrysalis Angel as she is a Christian and is on my blogroll.

    I am a Christian - Bible believing babtipresbycostal! ;)

    I have guilt issues with some of my blog material or comments in my own or other blogs. In my heart of hearts - if in doubt don't do it because the Holy Spirit is probably nudging to think on these things that are lovely and pure...and then there is the fun loving impish side of me. Guess who has been winning?

    Anyway, I'll save the rest for discussion.

    Hope it is alright that I blogroll you John.

    Since you are a Christian I am going to put out a prayer request to you and anyone else that sees this and is inclined to pray.

    Monday nite I faxed a resume to a dr's office that I would really like to work in. I haven't heard anything yet and I did request that the office mgr please let me know either way and she said she would but now I am wondering. It has been 2 full days. They ran the ad from last Thursday through to last night. I don't know if they would have chosen someone yet or if they have a process that takes time - but I just want to know. Then, it hit me what if the fax didn't go through or the resume got mixed up in other work or tossed out? I know by the receipt that it was sent to the right number. They should have come into it on Tuesday morning.

    If not meant to be than I accept it. But I hate to think that I missed an opportunity because of some possible erroneous miscommunication.

    Could you please pray that if possible that I could get this job? I did tell God not my will but thy will be done but if possible.... :)


    Have a great day!

  4. seaspray- Consider the prayers going up- Thanks so much for blogrolling me and for the prayers about the blog. I hope to have it up and running by this wekend and you will be able to link to it from this page. Thanks so much for the interest and passing the word along.

    I know there is so much more that I need to be doing- but when I post things I shouldn't- or think I shouldn't I really think it sends the wrong message to people who are interested but turned off by "CHURCH". None of us are perfect and if we just try to get along by being open and honest-and admit we struggle with these things even though we claim to be Saved.. I think a lot more people wouls respond to the gospel. It's not for me to beat anyone up or judge them with as much baggage as I carry. But if we share that- without beating people over the head with HOLINESS- we would reach a lot more people with the gospel.

    Now there will come a time when we have grown enough that we will have to stop and put down certain things, thoughts, ideals etc. But those are for God to deal with with us and with that particular person - Not for me who knows nothing about the situation to point my finger in judgement. I'll catch a lot of heat from a lot of Christians about compromise etc...but that's not for me to worry about. God will take care of me and guide me by His Spirit into doing the right things. And if I make a grievous mistake- I'll admit it- ask for forgiveness and go on.

    I just keep hearing the words of Jesus saying Physician heal thyself! So many of us are into medicine and of course- well people, (except for seekers- uh oh=-- judgement number 1 LOL)- don't go to doctors- and He spent time with sinners and publicans and tax people- so if we can just be real and honest and all admit that we are Saved by Grace and that not of our doing but of God calling us while we were still sinners...we will be OK!

    None of this is ultimately about US anyway- it's about "US" as a collective body- a society- one that is sadly broken by the way!

    So thanks again....may the job be yours should it be God's best for you!

    In Christ,


  5. Hi John - thanks for the prayers - I do appreciate them.

    Please don't think I am judging anyone as that is not my place. What I was saying is sometimes i am personally feeling convicted - that I should know better. it is a struggle withing myself. not a big one but noticeable to me.

    Jesus said we should get the log out of our own eye before we try to take the spec out of our brothers.

    Jesus also said he came to set the captives free and that the greatest commandment is to love one another.

    Also that we aren't to judge unless we want to be judged.

    The Holy Spirit is a gentlemen and doesn't force himself on anyone so who am I that I would think I could or should.

    Just want to be clear that I was only talking about myself because I was reading (for myself) "Be ye Holy because I am Holy" and I have done that and I have strayed. There are levels of maturity in the Christian walk. People make it complicated but Jesus said that it should be so simple that even a little child could understand. Yet we are to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves.

    If anyone ever reads any of my more serious stuff they would see that I have a gentle (but frisky) spirit. I go out of my way not to hurt people. :)

    So, I sincerely hope I didn't offend anyone. :)

  6. Oh I know seaspray you weren't judging- I meant me!!! A lot of times you post something you think may be just "Funny" and look back and it's making fun of a group of people!!!!!

    I understand 100%--- like you - it's MY compromise that steps on my toes and I praise God for that! Because if He ever pulled back and stopped convicting me- He convicts -Satan-condems) I would feel all is lost.

    So I'm sure you and I both thank God that we have that Bloggers Remorse---I LOVE the way you put that! See ya soon on the new site,


    Hey maybe Jesus said get the "Blog" out of His own eye- LOL. Nah--who am I kidding- they didn't have Computers back then! :)

  7. So we are kindred spirits! Good one - if the shoe fits - wear it! I'm sure he laughed at that one. :)

    When you think about it -God has the ultimate sense of humor - he created it after all. Then there is that scripture in the old testament (Proverbs 17:22) A merry heart doeth good like a medicine. He wants us to laugh and have fun. it promotes healing and good will. ;)

    Looking forward to the blog!

    Thanks for the blogroll. :)

  8. I enjoy your blog and it certainly keeps me guessing as to what to expect: humor? personal story? inspiration? It's not a bad thing to leave 'em wondering, but I think a second blog focused on your faith journey is a great idea. I'd read both.

  9. Thank you elle- I dodn't wnat to compromise as much on the second and give a little more of the Meat of God's Word with practical applications. But not all stuffy thological stuff either!! Thanks for the encouragement!!!


  10. Personally, I think it's great to focus one's effort (i.e. one blog) on God's blessings in our lives. He deserves that much, doesn't he? ;-)

    At the same time, your humor and personality really shine - why not have a second blog strictly for that?

  11. Wow- Thanks elle!

    Hmmmm- one blog- lots more time- more of a quality for God- why am I writing Full-on? Is it just for the Feel good for me? mmmm. some great questions to pray over.

    Thanks Sis!! ;) (in Christ)



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