Tuesday, August 14, 2007




  1. I betcha that's not candy under that flap.

  2. They don't come any stranger than that!

    Happy belated bday & did you switch cardio docs yet? The other one sounds like an idiot. Life's too short (well, hopefully yours is longer now that you've had your ticker tinkered with) to pay for some nutjob doctor's Porsche.

  3. HAHA I LOVE THAT PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!! did you find a better doc yet?

  4. Hi Guys and Gals- I don't know what is happening to my posts- they are making me sign in with my e-mail and password.

    Changing Cardiologist- waiting for this part of Short term Disability to be filed!!!!

    Feeling GREAT!!!!

    Thanks all


    Hammer- candy it ain't- LOL- May be Beef Jer....

  5. maybe beef jer... you are bad lol

    John why are you posting pics of yourself like this on the web gosh eww

  6. Dang you Poopsie- your Pregerrnancieness is making you smarter now that you have two brains working--- LOL!!!_ I thought the disguise was foolproof!!

    That Damn Hammer wih his 15 rolls of quarters is what got me busted!!

    I am sill seriously thinking about switching (Cardiologists- I've just lost the confidence factor and have heard some other negative feedback as well- from RELIABLE sources- like thiese two are young and they are trying to strike while the iron is hot so to speak before they put the "coitus" on the Diagnostic Catch all together- what with the new- CT scan color enhanced scan that gives a much more accurate as well as potentilly dangerous vs. more 'stable" plaque/ it's more more enhanced and supposedly a nuch more acurate tool- w/o the absolute Invasiveness of the Cath as well as that dye crunching your kidneys so hard. But I don't want to get my short term disability mesed up right now as things are to say they least Extrenely tiht financially! But we will survive as well always do- SO SORRY_ NO COPLINTS ON THIS ND_ I"M STILL ALIVE!!! So righ now I have to play the game correctly- and I don't mean game as in compromising my health!! Everything is goin well at the moment. I'll post a little later today about how awesome Manger my Nuse Manager is, and how he stands behind his empoyees. Come to think of it he stands behind us quite a bit-hmmm.........pondering!

    Oh well- a qiick pic post and then the really cool serious stuff to follow- and It's all good!

    Love you ALL!!!


    PS: Did everyone's Blog change today- my whole format, fonts, drop down boxes--I mean EVERYTHING is DIFFERNT!!!! Wht gives?... was this coming and I missed it- or did I foul up my settigs some how?

    Thanks---- Juan Wayne

    Where are you MG, Scarlet, Babs, sniff, snifff,- you don't ever write any more! Missing ny peeps!


    Post stress, traumatic scrote itching from wet shorts --it was sooo beautiful guys with about a 5-7 mph breeze- a little lighter in the cove and the water lap lap slapping against the boat, wit an evr so sight pivot around the anchor rope. The fish finder going of regularly as small shad or herring swam across thr point and the the big bllliiiipppp of a large mac daddy fish- probably a Striper cruising under the boat! Oh- it was a slice of heavnly pie deep dish lake loaded with your favorite topping of qiutness, a cool breeze, double stars and a great friend to fish with! Exquiset nite!!!!


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