Wednesday, August 1, 2007

THEY'RE BAAAACCCK!!!!! spider alert

Great- just in time for my departure today- Butch and Sundance are back. Probably waitng for me in my VERSED & VALIUM enduced HAPPY MEAL state _THANKS HAMMER_ now I'm a slut meal for my Garden Pests!! I'll have to go balls out to get across the porch!

Anyway- today's the day for the Clean Bill of Health SICKO style...somebody send me a Cupon as Ron White says it- my printer died awhile back. And I have extra ink that costs more than the whole printer did and they probably don't make the pirinter anymore- a $34.00 hp-deskjet 3320. Hell they weren't even proud enough of it to capitalize it's name!!! That ought to have told me something. Course now that I have my trusty camera that takes Pictures of ALL THINGS FATAL and OTHERWORDLY- if I live from the varmints- I'll need a printer to print out my few days disability from missing work- all 3 to 5 of them!!! Should just go for disability but I don't know if this cracker have dis ability to get it done within the system!!!!!

NowhatImsayin.....Imnotsayin...imjustsayin........... you Know WHAT IF!!!!