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Leesville tornado likely caused $1 million in damages

We had an F2 Tornado that was on the ground for 7 miles and 200 yards wide within 2-3 miles of our house. This is winds over 125 mph, and major structural damage on the Estimated Fujita scale- hence the EF2 name.

One of my best firends for 25 years and her familys, home was destroyed. They had just settled down to go to sleep when it hit. It ripped the roof off of the house, and as they ran to get their two chidren aged 6 & 7 who were already asleep, a window blew in and Stef covered her Girl so the glass wouldn't get on her. It cut her nose. Larry, the husband had to reach through 1 to 1 1/2 feet of insulation to pick up their son. We saw them on every news cast all day long!

They were leaving Monday to go on Spring Vacation but you could not recognize their camper at all. The Van was taken from under the Garage and thrown 50 yards away. (Saved on Gas!) Nervous laughter to keep from crying-since they are OK). In true Southern tradition their house and yard were swarming with Church Family and Neighbors already helping them clean up and start saving what they could.

Needless to say I was worried and at the same time Praising God for sparing theirs, and ALL lives in the path. No ONE was seriously injured.

It is a rural area, and one Horse was killed.

I was sitting here starting to post and she IM'd me!!!

Here is a copy:



This is the chat at Midnight Thirty!!!!!!!

Stefanie: hey dude.


me: OMG  HEY  R U OK!!!!!>??????   really long pause...
U there?

Stefanie: yeah we are all good, and homeless. Did you see us on the news?

me: 100 times--been praying all day but I didn't figure you had access to get in touch with you!!

Stefanie: yeah I have it on my phone and I have my laptop here and desk top too. I have not hooked my desktop up yet. I have been up at our house all day long. We are exhausted.

me: I'll bet--is it too soon to Joke!

Stefanie: oh no way

me: LOL  just kidding....how r u really?

Stefanie: Really, we are good. Hey we may be building together. haha

me: LOL!!   He** no—I’m not  building beside YOU!!!!

Stefanie: oh come on. It will be fun to compete.

me:I can't imagine what it was like for you!-esp with the Kids!

Stefanie: It was very scary. The kids are traumatized.

me: I was going to ask,  how they were or if you got them through it OK???
You looked GREAT on the news--seriously,  you did us proud!  (SHE DID AN AWESOME INTERVIEW!)

Stefanie: thanks man. I wanted to blacken one of my front teeth and talk real gaston like. But then I knew too many folks new me.

me: LMBO!!!!!
I Love you guys!

Stefanie: I had to take Sarah down to UC tonight. I accidentally smashed her fingers in the hinge side of the door.  (UC= Urgent Care where we worked together, and I also trained her in Dr's office in her first job in medicine 20 years ago!)

me:    Oh No-  HEADLINES: GIRL LIVES THROUGH TORNADO:  Killed by Mom in House Accident   Later!!

Stefanie: LMBO. You are a true nut. And true friend

me: How do you think they will do with next Storm?

Stefanie: oh, we will all be in the closet the first sound of thunder. hehe

me: We do that too- we have a battery TV, water, the whole deal--

Stefanie: in the dang closet?

me: Yep--I finally came out though!

Stefanie: you are funny. I needed that. Uh oh, the warden is saying it is bed time. I can see us being kicked out of this joint soon. We are staying with my parents.

me: Ok  God Bless You!!!  I know he did!!!!! --Give my Love to everyone  CALL IF U NEED US!!

Stefanie: I hear ya. I better go and cut off lights now. I will talk with you soon. Keep us in your prayers please.

me: Night Young Lady  BIG Hugs!!!!!!
You always are!!!!!

Stefanie: nite. Luv yall.

me: bye


a tornado hits your home and you instantly have nowhere to live!

LEESVILLE, SC (WIS) - Lake Murray is calm now -- a far cry from the wind swept chaos early Monday morning when a tornado touched down in Leesville causing an estimated $1 million in damages to homes in the area.
Clean up efforts began at day break, when residents got their first glimpse of the power of the storm. The National Weather Service estimated the tornado to have been spinning at 125 miles per hour.
Jean Parker woke up to find her neighbor's 70-foot tree on top of her home. She described the damage as "like what you would see in a war."
Like the sights, you could also compare the sounds of the storm to war.
"It sounded like somebody scraping a chalkboard," said Spencer Hancock, whose home was barely touched. "When the hail hit and the tornado was like a loud roar."
Stefanie Amick and her husband Larry had just crawled into bed when the tornado hit.
"I kept seeing it lightning and it was just rolling thunder, one after another after another and I couldn't close my eyes and all of a sudden we heard the whistling through the house and I heard -- sounded like the roof coming off," said Stefanie.
The Amicks rushed to find their 6-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son.
"The kids were already asleep and we heard it coming and we both got up and we ran into my daughter's room," said Stefanie.
That's when Stefanie says the windows exploded. She reached for her daughter and her husband went for their son.
"I leaned over the bed to cover her, keep the glass from coming over her and the glass came straight at me," said Stefanie.
Forty homes were damaged in the storm's wake. The Leesville storm's wrath spanned six miles and over 200 yards wide.
The National Weather Service says three other tornadoes spawned due to the same storm in Fairfield, Edgefield and McCormick Counties.
In the coming days ahead, the residents of Leesville will take time to reflect on what happened and pull together to help each other rebuild proving once again that there's always a tomorrow.
Copyright 2010 WIS. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The Associated Press contributed to this report.


  1. That poor family. They were so very lucky. God takes care of his own.

  2. Angel, Yes He does. They are such an involved comitted Christian family. Their Faith is already evident, and the community showed those strong bonds! Gos is indeed good, even --rather; ESPECIALLY in the midst of tragedy. And that is so hard to comprehend. Almost an oxymoron huh? But it is the truth as "I" see it anyway. Just an opinion,


    Good to see ya Gal!!

  3. Scary stuff!
    We get the rare tornado in our area but not quite where I live if that makes any sense. Still, I have nightmares about tornadoes for some reason.

    Glad your friend's family is ok. Hope she gets out of the in-laws soon. Will insurance pay for a motel while they rebuild?

  4. Jeannie,

    I think they are pretty well covered with Insurance and Family. Both grew up right here. They keep her children a lot, but that's still got to be a strain!

    Silly question- You think The Wizard of Oz has something to do with dreams?

    I also had a Neat Spiritual vision one time of a Tornado- (Whirlwind) coming down- and instead of destruction it was PROVIDING MONEY!!! from God I guess.

    Not sure if I had smoked that day or not- :-), nudge nudge, wink wink wink, say no more!

    I have seen several in my life- been in two. Once as a Paramedic while picking up a patient. I said if your heart doesn't kill you this Tornado will....strange but he didn't laugh! Hmmmmm.....

    Thanks for the well wishes Jeannie!


  5. Used to see more of them in Michigan.. weather patterns have been changing!

  6. BD-- Here in SC this week we are going from 44 in the morning to 88 for a HIGH! That's 3-3, carry the 1......

    a----- 44 Degree change in one day! Weird stuff with the Quakes, Tsunamis, Volcanoes, and Flooding: 2012?????????



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