Sunday, March 21, 2010


I took this picture one day and later that night it was gone. The next day it was back! I watched this for a week! (I MADE the time!) But to this spider- I wonder what time means, if anything. Everyday; building, catching, eating.....rebuilding, catching, eating, re-.................... and Time marches on.

My wife is working frenziedly on her 40th High School reunion to be held at a Beach in SC. A lot of people surprisingly are coming. Is this a sign of the TIMES? I wonder; from some of the posts on her Facebook page: the theme of the passage of time seems to be a major factor for a lot of people coming to this one! Time marches on.

Recent posts to live in the Moment have buoyed my attitude! Thank you my new friend--"I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!" How apropos from Alice in Wonderland! Hugs to Alice form across the pond for reminding me of moments!! Still: Time marches on.

The dates above our Blogs, the pressure to get one in every day...for some. MONDAY--a day dreaded by some: oh my, where did the time go? But these are only LABELS WE put on Time, to quantify it, to try to CONTROL something we cannot: The passing of time. Time marches on!

I am going to EXIST forever--let time march on! But I'm going to LIVE in the moment!

Next month: WILL IT BE:




  1. Time....Now this has been something that I've been thinking a lot about just lately.
    Where am I going? Where have I been? What am I going to do next?
    All questions...but never any answers.
    Am I late for a date? Or just Wondering?

    Glad to have inspired you and thanks for the shout!
    Hugs from across the pond!

  2. I think about it sometimes as far as my Belief System and the Afterlife. I wonder ((and yes I have doubts)- is that so terrible ?)) if it is all an illusion or a lie. I think I will live on as "matter" since it can''t be destroyed- so THEY say! So are we all a part of a giant never ending whatever?

    I think that is a fundamental question of Human kind- Why am I here? What is my purpose? Where am I going? and you hit the nail on the Proverbial head- when you said to live in the moment. See below how much that hit me. It is cool that we are on a common theme or thread!!! I wonder if it is just these turbulent times, the Mayan Calendar "scare" of December 12th 2012 etc!!!

    The Bible-- and please tell me to stop these references if they bothers you--I PROMISE I AM NOT PREACHING TO YOU- nor do I have an agenda. It is just a part of me that I have recently re-discovered. Something that changed me Completely! I use it as a point of reference. A solid base that I can return to as a starting point. Does that make sense? anyway it says, "Take no thought of tomorrow, for today has enough worries of it's on! I prefer the word challenges!" and "Do not say, this day I will, and then I will...." to paraphrase, because we are not promised another moment- let alone day!

    The way we handle, and learn to handle challenges speaks volumes to our Character and possibly to our Purpose. You purpose, that I have serendipitously stumbled upon : is AN ENCOURAGER! You encouraged me, whether you meant to or not! I highly value that, as I avoid Negative people like the plague. I DON"T HAVE TIME FOR THEM.
    I'm POSITIVE of that- LOL! (Small physics lesson.)

    So Dear New Friend--I will be visiting across the Pond regularly, for my Tea and English Hugs!!!!!




  3. I have been living in the moment for years just as a matter of survival. My husband is not a planner. I have lost my small ability to plan because I was continually frustrated with my husband's inability to commit.

    Living like this is not always good. It enables you to seemingly worry less about tomorrow but the fact is, that tomorrow comes and there is some preparedness that makes tomorrow easier.

    Living for today, or the moment, is somewhat selfish too. My husband never expected to live this long and frankly, didn't put any thought about my future in the mix. I come from a long line of near and full centenarians. I went with the "live for today" mentality and did not plan for or attempt any sort of lasting career. Big mistake. My concerns are growing and with it my anxiety. I'm kinda hoping for some huge disaster to occur Dec 2012 just so I won't be in any worse a position than I would be anyway.

    I think we must live life with some duality. We can't always be concerned about tomorrow but work toward it. When we play, we should play with our entire being.

  4. Jeannie,

    I totally understand. Duality is ever present. It is a delicate balance. I plan for years-- I'm going to a Credit Union and restructuring our entire financial plans since we are now both disabled. I plan to be debt free in 9 months. I will then buy the Land/House we have always wanted and the Pontoon Boat.

    You have to Plan for eternity but LIVE like there's no tomorrow. Cliche yes, but also true. Because you can plan and and dream and hope, but get so caught up in it that you don't stop and smell the proverbial roses. The worry, stress and strife of life can kill you, so I don't fly by the seat of my pants too much. Guess I'm pretty boring. I used to be totally spontaneous--then I heard about COMBUSTION! :-)..

    Planning for the future is a must! But that duality, that balance is what I'm seeking. To make every moment count, because one day- I may not physically be able to do much, (it's already started) and all I'll have are memories to draw on.

    My wife and I thank God balance each other out. She worries for the both of us, and I am probably too laid back and just roll with the punches. But that works for us. I can see your frustration in not having someone that would consider what may happen in the long term.

    If 2012 happens, it will be a Godsend. If it doesn't I'll have prepared for 2013 and beyond. Does this make any sense, because I'm struggling, or at least really thinking about time since July, when I was told I couldn't work anymore. And I'm a doer, not a taker. It is a completely new mindset and paradigm shift for me. But I moped too long, and now it's time for me to laugh, smile and be Optimistic hopeful John again. I MUST rise up above the circumstance--I guess it is my attempt to CONTROL (what I can) to an extent: my destiny!

    "Without Vision (hope, joy, expectation, a sense of purpose), my people perish!" to paraphrase

    Thanks for the excellent comment and point of view. The more we share, the more we learn!

    Much Love,


  5. Are you reading my mind these days...or qué??

    I find I have less time these days and what I really need to do is manage my time more wisely.

    I need to make time to plant the seeds that grow the flowers and take the time to water the soil that grows the flowers and once the flowers grow, I need to make time to smell the flowers.

    Amigo, you always make me think. Now I have to stop wasting all this time THINKING and start DOING!

  6. Chica,

    Sometimes, Thinking IS doing....but I do know exactly what you mean!! I too over think, and under do!!!

    I believe this is much more a common thread among people than we realize. Before Technology, we HAD to go out and do, Imagine, Play, etc. Now we can VIRTUALLY handle it all at the speed of our Broadband!

    From what I read and see- You embrace and live life to the fullest! I have spent way way too much time on the couch, (Out of necessity- unfortunately), but it's never to late to rehab CARDIAC) - not Hollywood type rehab-LOL!

    Baby Steps, Baby Steps....remember the Movie: What About BOB? with Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfus.

    I'm starting with a 4 day weekend at the Beach for my wife's (KILL ME NOW) 40yth high school reunion. But you know what- It's very important to her, and I think it will be very cathartic for me. Cause after seeing her peeps on FaceBoook-----

    Chica-- Chica-- yo soy caliente! LOL LOL LOL!

    Much Love mi Amiga, you always keep it real!



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