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I hate this when it happens!*

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Coming from the state of SC where Senator Joe Wilson yelled his now infamous two words- hence the title, brings me to a sore subject. One I have been involved in one way or another for 29 years. MEDICINE, or more to the Point- MEDICAL REFORM.

No matter where you stand on the issue, it is hotbed, top of the line, in the News, front and center with most Americans. To say it is needed is like saying: Robert DeNiro or Meryl Streep are good actors!

No Chit Cherlock! But when I am at work in my Little Urgent Scare, and I tell a patient who just got pissed because they only got 12 (Twelve) Percodan instead of the 60 they asked for--to supplement with Tylenol, as needed, and they say, "Please get the Doctor to write them on the prescription. Because if they do-

they are free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Something is very very wrong!

1. I don't have my pistol.
2. They are not free, someone always pays. (Guess who?)
3. I'm so pissed I forgot three.
4. Reform in whatever measure is desperately needed. 

There are 4 sides to every story, the Right, The Wrong, The Republican & the Democrat.

Whichever side you are on I'm sure you'll agree with me that something must be done to correct an horribly broken and outdated system. From Tort reform on capping outrageous Malpractice rewards, to affordable Malpractice Insurance to compensating our overworked and Underpaid Physicians.... Did I say underpaid. Yes! Except for the Privatized Uber-specialist our FP's, GP's, OB-gynies, and ER Docs have taken it on the chin in the last 15-20 years. 

I've witnessed it personally as an Office Manager, and Employee for a Hospital. Patient's rights, the Internet, Lawyers and JACHO have forced our Physician's to practice expensive, defensive medicine, hog tying their hands and questioning their fine honed skills as Practitioners. Unless it can be proved that a Physician was unduly under the influence, or intentionally blew a Diagnosis, how can they be held responsible for something that went wrong beyond their control. Yet a Pediatrician is oft held responsible for something happening to a kid 15 years down the line. Doctors do NOT want to make mistakes, misdiagnose and cause harm!@!!! DUH!

One example: are we going to be forced to do an expensive Echo-cardiogram (and unnecessary), on every Athlete on a free to $15.00 Sports Physical? Well no you say, that's absurd. It is until one drops dead in the middle of a Basketball Game because of a Congenital Heart condition that can't be picked up on Exam. The Doctor, School and Coach all get sued because the Kid AND the parents wanted him/her to play, and came in at 10:00 til !0;)) pm the night before it is needed: oh, we close at 10:00 pm but stay and see everyone who's signed in before 10. I've had them tell me they waited till now so they will be seen faster because they knew we wanted to get home! Real Doctors, Nurse's Tech's and Registration do not watch the clock when there are LEGITIMATE sick people who come in. Lacerations, accidents that didn't happen three days before and sudden (in the last 30 minutes ACUTE) Abdominal pain! Not 5 days! :-) for example.

But I digress- yes and I will- because that is what Honest, Hard-working Physicians are facing in today's medical clime. I don't know how much radiation a 12 year old, that bumped their head with little to no outward signs of trauma and a completely normal Neuro exam, must have due to needless CT's of the Brain to cover the Doctor! The kids- (all 12 of them and 4 Coaches from Soccer, are laughing and eating Chips, while drinking the free Sprites, and using Blankets we supplied to keep up our Press-Gainey scores).....I can't go on......

My BP is 180/120 and my deductible is 1500.00 and I'm not at work, so it's not covered under WC! But I'm sure you get the gist. We have the most awesome Health-Care delivery system and the best Physicians in the World. Everyone- I mean every LEGAL, American Citizen should have access to it, and that brings us back full circle to Senator Wilson's You Lie outburst.

He was referring to ILLEGAL Alien's who crawl over or under the fence having immediate access to FREE Insurance that many hard working American Citizens cannot afford. And do NOT expect Small Business Employers to provide the Expensive Insurance their employees deserve. I think we all need to watch Michale Moore's new movie, and I never thought I'd type his name in a positive light in my life! I HEAR it's a fair expose and treats the system fairly and is neither pro party! Just against big corporate greed in all it's forms.
Not SICKO, and I'm sorry but the title slips me right now and I'm too lazy to Google it.

I know I haven't solved one thing or offered any solutions. It's just as Dennis Miller used to call it a RANT!

And I feel better, and I didn't need to see a Doctor nor take a Drug. Let's pull together, split the pie, eat some Ice Cream (and make Lactaid ) free, so Lactose intolerant people can enjoy it too! Or they can just get the Urgent Care Doc to write it on a Rx--






* ants in my pants


  1. I wrote a big long comment and blogger ate it.

    I think the best system would be the way ours used to be. Government hospitals are non-profit. Everyone pays a realistic premium on a sliding capped scale dependent on income.

    Doctors could charge a low co-pay after X years experience. Good doctors would then be rewarded for being good as people would not be willing to pay a doc who wasn't particularly effective.

    Drugs are another issue altogether.
    And maybe basic dental should be in the mix.

  2. Jeannie-

    I hate when I lose a comment on Blogger! Thanks for a very enlightening post as is. We have a lot we can learn from Canadian and British Medicine. There are great concepts and some real drawbacks as well. But we have to change something ASAP as the Boomers are starting to already overwhelm the system.

    Thanks for the Info- I like the reward concept a lot. And we definitely need a threshold co-pay as well as Capitation payment for Doctors.



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