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I just had to wear a 24 hour heart monitor. A very mild inconvenience. I Remember coming up through medicine in the late 70's- I started in medicine in 1973 as an "ORDERLY". Back then we wore all white, we did all the CRAP jobs- literally! It is humbling to deal with human waste, and it is more humbling to deal with it whilst it is still coming out of the tap! People lose their dignity fast and socio-economic barriers, where you live, skin color and all BREAKS DOWN. Because of the one common denominator. Having someone helping you with, or messing with, your feces is humbling. I am seeing medicine from a patients perspective and it is VERY GOOD that I am!

Because, bottom line the bumper stinker is wrong- (do you like that like that innuendo-(bumper stinker..don't read too fast people, details dammit!!!!! I just wrote on that! Pay attention! AN INNUENEDO by the way is a Spanish suppository). Folks, I'm telling ya, you are reading greatness, I will just remain an undiscovered "talent, or whatever" in the annals of life- Anal's of life- see how this flows-LOL! You can't make this stuff just comes out naturally. Too bad their is not a stage for it, nor does it pay!

I'll quit whining now and we'll do positive posts from now on!



  1. I'm guessing that being on the receiving end of care would make you more sensitive to the issues of patients. Hope the monitoring went well and they find out good things.

    I sort of lost my fussiness about bodily excretions after having children. I still don't deal with the smell well but the actual cleaning up is just a job that has to be done.

  2. It has opened my eyes Jeannie! I'm much better off for it, & I do not mind and will never mind cleaning up any patient who needs it. That is my duty. No pun intended. :-)


  3. Chit happens...and you're right it IS humbling. I've had to care for my MIL and I remember how embarrassed she got, but if you joke around while you're cleaning, it's a breeze (not necessarily a good breeze, but a breeze nevertheless!). ;)

    PS - What the hell is a Spanish suppository anyway???? Dime, por favor que no se.

  4. It is a bad pun! Suppositories go in your rear end- hence Innuendo...I made it up, it's just John's gibberish!!!! It just sounded Hispanic to me!

    Cuanto anus Innuendo? Por que mi Testiculado? Adidas y buenas anus. Hasta taco la leche, donde mi amore!!!!

    Doesn't that just look like it would be real Spanglish to someone who doesn't speak it. Like me??? LOL

    And an Innuendo is a suggestion or Hint!@ LOL

  5. That was an "offal" post.*giggle*

    I hope that the monitoring will help the doctors find the right treatment for you. My prayers are with you!

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  7. tshmom- LMBO!!!!! Excellent!!!!

    And thanks!


  8. So what did the 24hr device have to say about what was going on with you?

  9. Sweeti- Thanks for asking- I'll find out Wednesday when I go for appt. But guess what- The Doctors, (My Doctors) at the Urgent Scare where I work- have changed my meds all around, and started me on some breathing meds- 2 different inhalers, and I am feeling as well as I have in a long time!
    I'll recap everything after Wed next week!

    You are so sweet for asking- Guess that's why they call you Sweeti huh? ;-) See how sharp I am already!!!!!

  10. Very clever John. hospital worker who ended up being on the other side of the stretcher more times then I want to admit... I know I will be even more compassionate if I ever get back to work.

    I pray you will have a good report John. :)

    Why the breathing meds?

  11. Sea- I have a 2 to 3 PPD- Pack per Day-(I knew you knor that- but for other non-medicals) Hx of Smoking. As a Paramedic you had one lit continually and literally a carton on the Dashboard of the Bus- You did not want to run out of smokes.

    I just learned this- believe it or not- you can teach a genius new tricks- and humility too! LOL

    You reach a "Threshold" where you actually hit an area that is comporable to Emphysema even though you may still be O2 ats at 98% where you actually are not perfusing the brain , heart, liver and kidneys. My Creatinine has gone from 1.0 to 1.5 just since this last stent. Since I'm brand new onset Hypertensive we have to protect then mad boys! You know a lot more about that than I do- so if you have any info, I need to know pass it--get it? pass it along.
    - I just can't help myself- I think this way!!

    So, the Breathing meds, as I await an appointment for baseline PFT's.
    Pulmonary Function Tests) is to help me breath. I c/o of the SOB all the time but where does everyone- (Including me go?). Right to the Coronary Arteries and Heart!It is working!!! The new BP med is giving me killer Headaches---but it is a Nitrate- kin the NTG like you put under your tongue- because I kept having the chest pain. The Chest Pain is GONE!! The air hunger & SOB- (Shortness of Breath for Non-medicals) is gone!

    I feel better than I have since my Post By-pass almost 5 years ago! I am going back to work Thursday, and I'm going to try 8 hours. I'm down for a 12 Friday- but doubling back and doing that with the Swine- sorry- N1H1 numbers- 12-150 patients a day, my Docs who work at the Urgent Scare will not let me do that! I think that's smart. I always try to be more macho than I should, and it's time to grow up- (nah ne nah ne boo boo) and consider my limitations.

    The metoprolol I was on was 100 mgms. It was for Thyroid and controlling Heart rate originally. That is contraindicated and the LAST med you want to be on with COPD. So, putting all this together and getting fresh eyes to look at what appears to be a simple problemnadie sabe quién es.
    of changing meds around is awesome!

    Ultimately, I'm going to leave Urgent Care and go back to the office setting. 8 hours is do-able. 12 which turns into 14 which makes for 16 hour days is not condusive to a 55 year olds metabolism and general good health!

    Sorry for such a long answer but I was going to do a re-cap post and this helped greatly. Thanks for asking Sea!


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