Friday, July 24, 2009


I'm so blessed to have another day- we never know when it could be our last....

I Recently had another Stint in the Hospital. I went in Thursday morning at 7:30 and had an open Right Coronary Artery by 8:15!. Since they had to put in a stent (This was to re-open the same area I had a stent placed in in 2007), so I had to stay overnight! I'm home now, Friday about 1:00 pm., the computer is working and all is right with the world.

This is time for a serious life-style change. You don't get away with this twice and thumb your nose at another chance. I have to accept the responsibility of a grown-up [ GROAN-UP] and eat red tips and bark for the rest of my life. Granola and passing Gas- these are a few of my favorite things! I do believe Moderation is the key,- I don't know if the key will start or open anything, but I believe it's a key nonetheless. So if anyone has any good info on a good anti-oxidant wine, (reasonable price range- aged on the truck!) Tuesday was a good day this week! I would welcome some suggestions. I do not like a Bite back red wine- I do know that. I seem to prefer the lighter fruitier type, but I haven't tried that many. -( serious about the suggestions, sites, info, etc.)

I do remember Boone's Farm Strawberry hill made me puke in the 9th grade-LOL. OK, I'll quit Wineing now. Boy I missed writing these crappy puns. And I'm still going to try and construct Picture puzzles. I'll put up several snapshots from aroubd the yard and see if any catch phrases can be uncovered. May do some Movie titles and I'll try to make them interesting and challenging. Maybe it'll be the next Suduko.

Thanks to all for you thoughts and Prayers.



  1. glad they fixed you all up bud.

    Turning leaf and smoking loon pino noir are good choices and cheap if you get them at the grocery.

  2. Juan, I had no idea you were going through this. :( I will pray for you starting tonight. I agree with Hammer about the Turning Leaf and the Chilean wine La Frontera is pretty good and reasonably priced. Come to Miami w/ your esposa...we'll sample some wines until you find something you like! :)

  3. Thanks guys!

    Somehow I knew my "buds" would shed some "Light" on the subject!!! Thanks for the suggestions, I shall purchase them manana.

    Thanks for the prayers Scarlet...I barely had time to get them going it all happened so fast. I'm really starting to enjoy and savor each day. Next time I hit Plant City, I'll just come on down, cross Alligator Alley and we will paint the town Red. I just heard where that expression came from and now I can't remember........did it have to do with Barns or something??? Hmmmmmmmm......

    OK Hammer, I've always trusted ya bud- what with you being a man o the world. I'll turn and burn almost any leaf LOL......and I'm always up for a game of Penus lore. Is that where you tell weenie stories??? I will check these out guys and let ya know what I like. Probably save my heart, crash my Liver and die a slow agonizing death from Hep C instead of a fast Heart Attack-LOL.

    PS: Not in any way making fun of Alcoholism, Liver Disease etc, I know you guys know that, but in case a casual reader should drop by I didn't want to make light of such a serious issue for some people.


  4. Wow - things happen quickly when health care isn't rationed! Glad it went well. It's amazing what can be done now.

    I love Cabernet Sauvignon but that's probably what you want to stay away from from the sound of it. I would just ask at the store. Zinfandel is quite light and fruity, a bit sweet. I've had many others but because they aren't my favourite, I can't remember which would be more to your taste.

  5. Jeannie- Thanks gal! I have had Zinfandel before and liked it. I was called an Infidel and didn't.
    I can't remember which of the wines have the best anti-oxidant properties, so I'll check that out as well.

    Much love to all and thanks again!


  6. Hey John -I'm so glad all went well and you're doing fine.

    May I does this mean your diet is clogging your arteries? Obviously... but how can we know this is happening. You were fortunate that you had warning. i don't know if the stats are still true.. but I remember one of the ED docs I worked with telling me in the early 90s that 50% of the first symptom of a heart attack is sudden death of a massive MI.

    Didn't mean as much then but now I am 54 and husband 58. I have to lose weight but have good lipid profile although hdl (good cholesterol?) could be better. I can't move around a lot because of knees. I really did them in at a fabuklous wedding a couple of weeks ago... DANCING ALL NIGHT LONG. Alcohol really does remove pain and so I overdid it big time. Now I have to call ortho doc because after weight bearing a couple of hours...I can only take a few steps and feels like knife going into knee... both sides. :(

    But I digress.

    My husband has been on lipitor a few years and it helps. But he smokes...and LOVES sausage, hot dogs (I know) and beef... but especially sausage.

    I think he thinks the lipitor protects him but his doc doesn't know. What would you tell him?

    I don't get on his case at all. I also have health issues and need to lose weight and is so hard. I have NIDDM... but don't test other then the bi-anual a-1c. Supposed to be quarterly.

    Anyway... I can appreciate what you're going through and I think you're right...moderation is key and for me.. I skip meals all day and then eat dinner and the rest of night and go to bed.

    My joke is if I get a day job... I will lose weight because I won't be eating all night. :)

    I wish you well with all you are doing.

    God Bless John! :)

  7. yes THE lIPITOR HELPS. but IT DOESN'T DO THE WHOLE JOB. IT RAISES THE GOOD cholesterol THE hdl AND LOWERS THE BAD cholesterol T0H ldl. any TYPE OF DIET CHANGE FOR THE BETTER WILL HELP. bUT WE Have to admit it's going to be impossible to comply 100% of the time.

    moderation and the meds should help along with your supplements and most importantly- exercise!!!!! get that heart rate up 3 times a week----that is my problem. And no smoking, unless it's that special medical blend for nausea.


  8. Holy smokes John! I don't get by for awhile and your having stents and stuff. I hope your feeling much better. take care.


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