Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Let's don't get all caught up in our web of deceit, waiting to be devoured by the Evils that be!


Now it seems that Mr Cardiologist did NOT want me to go back to work so fast after all. That's why I called his office and questioned his Nurse about it. But she said definitely, he wanted me to go back to full 12's. (I DON"T THINK SHE CHECKED WITH HIM!!!!!!!) So I went back even our Urgent Care Doc's saying what are you doing here???????? and left early and have been Short of Breath and asleep since Monday at 7:30 pm!

Me thinks somebody's' hiney's in trouble! Either way I'm going to see; get this, my Cardiologists partner!!!!!! He didn't do the stent or see me in the hospital twice!!!. Sounds like they just want to cover their butts. . They are a good group and will ultimately do me right. My Cardiologist said something about having to change work and he would give me a letter or whatever, so that's what promted the phone call to the office initially. I wanted to be sure things hadn't changed since the visit before the Cath: THEY HAD! Anyway- it's not about all that.

What it's all about, is Alfie!. The bottom line is that I need to take responsibility and step up and take care of myself. A giant Employer will only care so far, and then you are a number. A statistic. As soon as you become someone to replace, or have to get people to cover for you, you stop being that great employee that has given 5 years of excellent work ethics to them, most times when you were too sick to come in. We've all worked with a "touch" of pneumonia, what the heck! Or gone back early with a stent. They care initially, don't get me wrong, but after all, there is a MEGA Business to run as well. Which is why I PURCHASED a Short and LONG TERN DISABILITY policy they offered in case something happened. WELL_ SOMETHING HAPPENED!!!!!!!

I am the last person in the world that believes in letting the system do for them. I have always pulled my own weight. But this time, when I'm trying to take care of myself, do you think it's available for me? And I've paid into that disability fund for 5 years! I PURCHASED it just in case something like this happened.

Well, maybe I'm supposed to go through it so I can help others navigate the system when it's their turn. We just now straightened out our Rx insurance fiasco where they were not filing our initial prescriptions and wanting us to pay the deductible AND the C0-pay. WE DID THE WORK TO FIX IT!!!!!!! I THINK THIS IS GOING TO THE TV STATION_ this bordered on fraud, and definitely was Negligent on their part. If you are not careful, and a lot of our seniors aren't sure what's going on, they will steal them blind. Please read up on your policies, and then check on Gramma and Gramps and Great Uncle Louis. Esp. if you know that they don't have immediate family.

All I am saying America and friends, is let's cover one another' s backs. If the Taliban and powers that be wanna screw with the good 'ol USA, let's regroup, and take back our dignity and world dominance. Let's get that John Wayne American Cowboy swagger back that we are known for, and quit selling our souls to the Devils of Yammamoto, Chin and Abdullamad!!!!! Let's keep our chit that was made in America, IN AMERICA.

Wow, you can tell when I've had too much sleep and nothing to do! But dang it guys, we need to rethink our morals, values, traditions, etc. We need to get back to basics: of Family reunion's (yes-especially if they are fractured) up and show kids you can get along after not getting along!) Little League Baseball, Soccer, PTA meetings, and County Council meetingsand yes even CHURCH meetings, where most of the communities business should be done anyway. At least Church is a common ground where we can agree to agree MOST of the time! It's not always about being RIGHT---it's about being the BEST we can be with what we got, and working on better from there!

Anyway, I hope my visit comes out OK and I can see what type of work I'll be able to do in the long haul. Eventually, I know it's teaching, so I have to get my resume to that Certificate School for Medical Assistant's where I can teach Lab, Anatomy and Medical terminology. Pray as usual God's Ultimate will is done to advance His Kingdom and not John's agenda.

Love ya,



  1. The "oops" that matters.

    Hope things get sorted quickly.

  2. Hi John---Thanks for stopping by my place. I haven't had the heart for blogging, since I am so bummed by our wonderful government and the thought that they want to do away with old folks, because we need medical treatment. I went to a hospital ER in Florida at Christmas time with indigestion. I went back a week later, because their medicine made it worse. Then they ambulanced me across the Peace River to a bigger hospital and stuck two stents into my coronary arteries. Didn't hurt a bit and I popped out the next day feeling fine, except for the darn indigestion that sent me there in the first place. Luckily, my loosening esophageal fundalplication helped them to make an incidental finding of a couple of clogged arteries. After a month on Plavix, I was able to come home to Ohio and see my own gastroenterologist. But, if the government has it's way... I would not get the stents or the EGD---just some nice pain pills that would make the indigestion worse. Now, I am fine and busily climbing ladders to wallpaper a bathroom. Old age, stents and indigestion be darned.... I still have value (most of the time). Don't let the small stuff get you down! I'm happy your stent worked out okay.


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