Friday, July 24, 2009


I'm so blessed to have another day- we never know when it could be our last....

I Recently had another Stint in the Hospital. I went in Thursday morning at 7:30 and had an open Right Coronary Artery by 8:15!. Since they had to put in a stent (This was to re-open the same area I had a stent placed in in 2007), so I had to stay overnight! I'm home now, Friday about 1:00 pm., the computer is working and all is right with the world.

This is time for a serious life-style change. You don't get away with this twice and thumb your nose at another chance. I have to accept the responsibility of a grown-up [ GROAN-UP] and eat red tips and bark for the rest of my life. Granola and passing Gas- these are a few of my favorite things! I do believe Moderation is the key,- I don't know if the key will start or open anything, but I believe it's a key nonetheless. So if anyone has any good info on a good anti-oxidant wine, (reasonable price range- aged on the truck!) Tuesday was a good day this week! I would welcome some suggestions. I do not like a Bite back red wine- I do know that. I seem to prefer the lighter fruitier type, but I haven't tried that many. -( serious about the suggestions, sites, info, etc.)

I do remember Boone's Farm Strawberry hill made me puke in the 9th grade-LOL. OK, I'll quit Wineing now. Boy I missed writing these crappy puns. And I'm still going to try and construct Picture puzzles. I'll put up several snapshots from aroubd the yard and see if any catch phrases can be uncovered. May do some Movie titles and I'll try to make them interesting and challenging. Maybe it'll be the next Suduko.

Thanks to all for you thoughts and Prayers.