Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Wanted: HELP FROM ANYONE. Is there a good counter or service, like Sitemeter, or StatCounter you can go to for free to track the very basics. I'm not all into numbers, but I do like to know what reaches an audience and what does not as I grow. Also, what's up with readers, Twitter etc. Is there an article or site I can go to to summarize all this stuff. I've subscribed to several, but I'm not quite sure what linking to a blog means etc. I just need a basic workshop is all. I can't even tell how my site looks as I use Mozilla exclusively, and most everyone Uses IE. Is there anything I need to change format wise or can you read it?



I also want to thank Jeannie of My 2 Cents, who recently gave me an award(s). I am very honored, and I mean that sincerely, to think anyone would want to or care about what I write. Thanks Jeannie!!!!

I'm also trying, (even with school) to keep Shhh....God's Talking, at least up and open.
I'm so sorry I haven't been around as much, I PROMISE I'M THERE, it's just hard to comment sometimes due to time constraints due to the two on-line classes. I'm not whining cuz I want to finish my BS (which I'm full of) degree, but it does as you know require time. That's why part of this question on help is about RSS feeds or readers etc., so I can make it as streamlined as possible. With the readers I miss actually physically going to the blog as I'm afraid I'll miss some pictures or something, and I dearly love Commenting!

Anyway Thanks Gal- and Thanks up front for any resources I can go to help.