Saturday, August 9, 2008


We put them in Long Term Care Kennels, hose them down once a day, and leave out little bowls of water and bread. Of course those with money get "ASSISTED" Kennel care, which comes with Cable, a shower and 3 squares. But what about average Great Aunt Jane, Gramps, and Crazy Uncle Bob who is at the Va? They say he went crazy after WWII. It couldn't be because of the carnage and limbs he saw on the beach. Or the 3 inch piece of shrapnel he still has lodged in his brain. He's , well- just crazy.

Hell, He was lucky, he came home. Now we give him the best Medical Care the good ole USA has to offer. Underpaid Understaffed Va Nurses who give their lives caring for the very people who allow us to watch the Olympics---were are they--oh yeah, COMMUNIST CHINA! How silly of me- to think we should not reach out a hand, where President Bush, the President of Iraq, Iranian athletes- (Do they have Nukes yet?) And France's president- Oh they tried to take away the Olympic torch. But were those opening ceremonies awesome or what?

I'm not kidding about the opening ceremonies- it was one of the finest productions I've ever seen. But where did they get all those extras??? Where did all those people come from. You'd think there were Millions of people in China or something!

Anyway- back to the rant...the VA lobby where they wait for untold hours to see one of two hundred different Doctors or wait for 12 different types of (Polypharmacy) pills, to take when a little interaction and TLC could stop 2/3 of those.....anyway I digress...

How can we in good conscience let our wise, loved Seniors, rot and waste away until they die in their own urine (Depends) pun intended without so much as feeling a twinge of guilt. I mean, we have a fractured family, we are a blended family, both of us work, I am the only one, my brother and sister live to far away to visit regularly....blah, blah, blah ,blah, blah.....

I know these are very real problems and there are no easy solutions. But we'd better start thinking of how to fix Medical Care in the US 3 years ago. Cause when the millions of us BOOMERS hit the Nursing Homes, the literal Shit is going to cover the fan! People, our Seniors deserve better than they are getting. Instead of it "Takes a village to raise a child...(Not with Ritalin and ADD)..and yes I know they are very real conditions...but also over diagnosed for spoiled brat disease. I see it up close and personal every day. It's the disease de jour. We should change it to , "It takes each Community to care for it's Elderly, & Infirmed. Wonder if that's why the Bible says I think in James--the Only ONE religion or Religious act recognized by God, to paraphrase, "Is to take care of the Widows and Orphans." I wonder today if we shouldn't add and "Old people" who can't quite care for themselves? They can do most things, but forget that they were going to the bathroom, get back in bed and pee their pants, leave the stove on and burn down the house. But they're OK home alone, besides they still have their DRIVERS' LICENCES!!!

If we used the minds of our Seniors to full capacity, as in TALKING to them, visiting with them, taking them to the grocery store or having a cup of tea with them, making them feel valuable and needed. Give them tasks to do helping other seniors who are a tad more senior... I'd be willing to bet in 2 years, Dementia and Alzheimer's would be on the decline! But we are probably too busy to get back to the notion of actually having a "FAMILY". Hell, that's so......1950's! YUK!

Yeah, forget what I said. Let's just stash em away--outta sight, outta mind ya know. And they're so damn expensive to keep as pets. And if they get a little sick, we'll just treat the whole facility for Kennel Cough. Yeah, just have one Doctor per 100 and a big rubber stamp for the charts. That should do it. STAMP- Government check, STAMP- Government Check...uh OH...the Medicare is gone. STAMP--NO CHECK. Sorry- no meds today-Gotta keep the Kennel cough, I hear that turns into Pneumonia if not treated. STAMP--out ya go--here comes a Senior with a little equity left in his house the kids from Frisco just sold. Didn't even have to fly out. Just signed and faxed some papers and Grandma is no more.

STAMP--- think about it. Coming to a Town near You!

I don't have the answers. I don't even know the right questions to ask. I'm not condemning anyone. This is just reality. It's just the way it is. But it can't STAY THIS WAY FOR EVER can it?



  1. It's pretty sad - out sight - out of mind.

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