Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Guys and cals I can't stand this anymore! I MUST BLOG!!!! LOL> Have gone through last 2 Sundays papers and just don't see anything in the budget--(FREE) LOL) that will do us right now. I do ask for your prayers that God will help me find a way to work some overtime or something, as very very soon this will hold me up from enrollment in Winter classes. I must take these rinky dink BS classes to get them out of the way (my prerequisites) and only then can I get on the WAITING LIST!!!

I am sooo frustrated. Things are going so well in my marriage, at work, faith etc...and I hit this brick wall when it comes to classes. I feel sure this is the direction I'm supposed to go in but door after door gets slammed in my face!

Oh, well- lets stay positive. Everything will work out in it's own perfect time- I guess I just need to learn Patience and to trust in God even more. Like I said I'm willing to do my part- extra work etc- I didn't excpect one to just fall into my lap, but jeesh- you think you could catch a little positive stuff every once in a while!.

Sorry guys but I needed to get this out. It's been gnawing at me on the inside and I just don't quite understand (and probably never will) the reason(S) behind this delay or particular stop time! But I am getting frustrated! Will try to consolidate and put this in better words and perspective and put on Shhh...God's Talking. (I'll just post this one for now!)

Yours in Christ,