Thursday, August 23, 2007


See How Much Dryer in one Day? This is the same pipe that is shown below on Monday around 5:00 pm and this is Tuesday around the same time. The whole pond literally shrank about 8 inches to 1 foot in depth and shoreline-that is a lot!!

Me- HOT! Not Me I'm Hot- But Me it's Hot so I'm hot too- like it's 102 about now! What's wrong with this picture?

My butt is in it- I should be on a couch inside!!! Rehab- you know

We have set a new record in SC of 13 days over 100 degrees. I worked the year the Old record was set back in 1983 with Richland County EMS. We had multiple multiple Heat related deaths that summer with some core temps reaching 109-114. Not compatible with Life- duh! We need rain! And the poor Mid-West with the Floods. My prayers go out to you.

I praise God I have an inside job with an Air-conditioned Urgent Care where we can easily treat the heat related illnesses. It is amazing but work goes on. Can you imaging Roofing- in this weather. Or Working on Asphalt? Or just working outside period. My hat's off to all you who provide for your families and also for those of you without Air-Conditioning.

Well- we have this little pond down the dirt road from our house and it is shrinking by several feet- if not 10- inches minimum per day. During my rehab I have been going down there and taking pics of the little water snakes, and also two pretty good sized Black Snakes that I happened to get on my little camera's video adapter dealy. I'm trying to learn to post some of those but I need some better pictures first.

Here are several of the Little water snakes that just poke their heads up to breathe and sink quietly back to the moss covered bottom. I'll see if I can't get a distant pic of the black snake.