Friday, January 16, 2009



This will be the coldest since 1983 and if it hits 8 or 7 it will be the coldest on record since I think the early 1900's. I went out and got some Flowering plants to do a small flower bed as I heard they like cool weather! I have those 6 drop off cats with the Long hair----I'm gonna spray those bad boys down and have some frozen cat statues on Saturday morning. I'll try to get some pics before they thaw. I'll pose them really cool, Ice Cats, like they're skating or something. It should be purr fect.

Getting really excited about launching the Ministry and I will keep you posted. There are so many co-dependent and needy people who walk through our doors every day, so I don't have to go to far to fulfill God's burden for His children. He has placed on my heart the need to give them just a little self esteem, a little encouragement, a little love. Some of these kids have NO role models at home, and if I can just reach a few with kindness it will be worth it. Then the parents will see that someone actually cares and it will snowball from there. This will be a long slow process, but hey- I HAVE ETERNITY!!!! Well at least till Jeez comes back. He likes to be called Jeez! This is going to be sooooo awesome! See what I mean about getting in trouble with the real serious, strict Christians. I'm seroious, I'm going to get torn a new one (for statements like that) and possible for some ways I reach out to the lost: I praise God that I don't have to answer to to anyone but my Lord as long as I'm not taking from, adding to, or blaspheming the Holy Spirit.

I will have to reign it in a little and be more respectfull of our Lord, and I'll grow into that!

Love to all,


Hey- somebody fill me in on that Google reader I signed up for and had 144 or so unread posts! Now that I won't be in school for a semester or two, I can catch up on my blogging! I'm still trying to decide whether to do a Hosted web site, and do an online type of Ministry with teachings and devotions for those that may work weekends, or are just burned out on the hypocrisy of some of our churches. I don't have all the answers or even an 1/8th of them, but I have a fire in my heart, passion in my gut and Love of my King and by golly I'm going to talk the truth to people None of this canned sermon all will be OK crap. It may NOT be OK!! Tell that to someone who has lost a job and then tell them how much Jesus loves them! We have to shake the body up and start Ministering with some common sense!!! I am going to catch so much flack from the regular Denominational Churches, but I don't see where they are all that packed every Sunday. I respect them, we need and must have them for Community and Corporate Worship- but I've been ordered to go where my Lord went to find His converts. In the hedges, street corners, laundry mats etc. That is where Jesus is needed in a real and tangible way. It's time we shook things up and did them a little differently!! Amen? This site will still be for us family, and I'm really going to have to pray about the other one as far as logistics go insofar as etting it up, cost, what direction, the whole 9 yards. This is exciting and you are seeing it birthed in!

But John, Do you really think you can make a difference? NO, Actually "I" can't, and think it quite fruitless in some aspects. Except I KNOW God is behind this and has called me to do it, so all I have to do is be obedient. There is no pressure on me at all. He said go, I said "Yes Sir." And that was that. It is not about me at all, it is about me introducing people in whatever way I can to Jesus and letting the Holy Spirit do His thing!!! But to introduce them to Jesus you first have to show them you are for them, with them, understand and care for and about them. They can spot a phony a mile away. They have been lied to and kicked while their down so many times, they don't even know how to take praise or a compliment when you give it to them in Urgent Care. That's sad and that's gonna change!

The one true religion of spoken in the Bible is to take care of Widows and Orphans. Most of these are single mom's, with deadbeat dad's, or the children are being tended to by their 8 year old brother and sister while parents are scoring 8 to 10 Vicodins as the call them. Or whatever their drug de jour is. Until we give them a reality that they don't want to change and hide from, they are going to continue to alter it with booze and drugs. I did. For several years.
Keep me in your prayers and if you ever have any prayer requests, just let me know. If it's about you or family of course it will be kept in the strictest confidence, or you can post them just as "Unspoken" on the Blog. God will know what the need is. I'm going to keep a little journal as we go- for answered prayer and praise reports. God deserves the Glory. If you know anyone searching or hurting, send them by. I plan to start doing some Coaching (Counseling) as soon as I have more personal experience under my belt. I've done the class from Tony Stolfus- now I just need to practice it (for x number of hours to become certified) so I can do quality work for my Lord. I'm still pusuing my BS and then Masters in Counseling and considering Cemetar- Seminary. This blog will not be all Ministry- it will still be my outlet. The other one will be the official - I gotta come up with a name.....LOL. Anyway- thanks for dropping by, for you prayers and support and your Love!!

Love to you all,



  1. Keeping it real is so important, especially with all the hypocrisy and false expectations (from ourselves and others) in many of today's churches. I've yet to find a church home where I feel relaxed, comfortable, where I can hang my sombrero.

    Good luck with all you do, Juan...and remember to KEEP WARM, my friend!

  2. Thanks my staunch supporter, y mi amiga!



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