Monday, October 13, 2008


One can never say my work doesn't afford special benefits. Today-(I was off and Thank God I'm off tomorrow as well)All of this started immediately-no warning on late Friday afternoon- I started having the worst headache I've had in years. Then my low back started hurting. No biggie, I thought, just the old aches and pains...lifted something wrong etc. Went to be Friday night: and then Sat arrived!! I was SICK! Saturday grew to Saturday Night, I grew sicker, and I wasn't enjoying my football nearly as much as I should have, and looking forward to My Best Friend's Sons' Wedding (Hey there's a good movie title) I decided to take my temperature. I never even came close to making the wedding and I'm very very bummed about that. This is a special friend and His son and fiance are an awesome young Christian couple. They bought a house before the market went South, and he wouldn't move in until after they were married! That my friends is a class act!

Now this is an exercise in futility since I think I have NEVER run one fever, in the 26 years I've been married. I didn't feel hot, but, if you feel bad- it's a law-I checked- you gotta take your temperature. I run 97.2-97.6 every time for 26 years! No matter what! Sore Throat, Shaking with chills, vomiting, diarrhea- 97.2-97.6. Really pisses me off!

Well yesterday imagine my surprise when the ole thermometer read 101.1 !! I took it 3 times and my wife was already calling an ambulance. (Not really), but it did surprise us. Now this is not high by a lot of peoples standards- but when your thermostat is knocked out,(Thyroid) this is hallucination time for me. There were 44 different players on TV at one time. Talk about trouble following a game!

We have had this super nasty flu like illness going around the Urgent Care and it presents exactly like this. So, I'm on the couch--by the way I slept 18 hrs. straight only to be awakened by my lovely wife every 4 hours on the hour to have my temperature taken and be given two more Tylenol's! She my friends is an Angel and I never give her the honor and recognition she deserves.

At least I pray that's what the medicine was an that I was not having a prison dream! (I am worth more dead than alive-LOL!) Is that sweet or what? She nursed me around the clock- now I feel bad because her nipples are so sore- but I am humbled and feel such a wave of love when I think of that sacrifice. Amd she did it because she cared for ME! Believe me- I had not earned that. She's just that cool a wife! Come to think of it that Thermometer smelled strangely of my dog's farts.....hmmmmmmm...never mind, not important. Sure it was a dream.

Anyway- I just wanted to get my whiny story out and get a bunch of sympathy Oohhh's and aaaaah's LOL!

If you happen to get this bug, it starts with any of the following: a band like headache (any area of the head), it may be classified as the "Worst headache I've ever had". Maybe or maybe not a sore throat or cough. Low back pain that is rather intense is a hallmark also. Body aches in every joint you have and two of your nearest relatives. This is what I call the Pseudo-Flu like illness.

The other is the same as above except you mix in diarrhea with vomiting with that. I think the vomiting maybe from the pain or from swallowing the caustic- phlegm, putrid, snot-ball drainage.

I decided to wait it out as Tylenol immediately lowered my fever to 98.8-99.0. Had it not I would have gone straight to the doctors.

This is nothing to play with y'all. Watch out for dehydration, and it comes on so fast in little ones, especially with the fever and the vomiting and diarrhea. Go to ER asap if not stopped within 24 hrs. If temp remains above 102.5 for Toddlers taking Motrin and Tylenol every 3 hours (ALTERNATING) for 3 - 4 doses- STRAIGHT to ER!!! If there is ANY- neck stiffness or severe neck pain or any type of rash- go immediately to ER.

Otherwise you can buy a little time to see if this is indeed a 24-48 hour Viral Illness. I already feel better with the Vitamin C load- Tylenol/Motrin as prescribed, and tons and tons and tons of water, Don't over-do the water- about 8- 8 oz glasses should keep up with the fever. - It's only 6 glasses of water!

If their are any doubts or I wonders'- DON'T (doubt or wonder-esp. if it is a little one!!!!!- CALL OR SEE YOU DR. I JUST PLAY ONE ON A BLOG!

Man that thing hits hard and takes no prisoners. Thank goodness it's a semi-quickie. Some people have been fighting an infection for two weeks, but this is different. There's is a Chronic Bronchitis or Sinusitis that hasn't been treated long enough. This is a freight train from hell bug!

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  1. Hey John, thanks for coming by again. Sorry you were so sick, I have the same problem with my temps...yep,it's my thyroid (low) also and has been for years.
    It makes me wonder how well your body can fight against nasty little bugs when your temp doesn't rise most of the time.
    ...and if you take meds for it, does the fact that your temp finally rose to the occasion mean that your thyroid levels are perfect for you?

  2. Glad you're feeling a bit better - sure hope I don't get it because if I have to have the worst headache ever, I might as well just put a gun to my head (I've had migraines where I banged my head on a cement floor because it felt better doing it)

  3. Those bad boys don't play at all! Mine has been sinus, virus, sinus so far!



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