Sunday, October 19, 2008



I would like to ask that you start spreading the Word for my wife's upcoming Spinal Surgery for Prayer. We would love any and all prayer requests! We firmly believe that God heals, and He heals through Doctors and Nurses, but there are a lot of other areas that need covering.

She has fought this demon called pain long enough and we are going to see if this won't give her some relief. She will be having surgery Friday, October 31st. For those of you who don't know, she is on permanent disability after being an X-Ray Tech for almost 20 years after a bad Motor Vehicle Accident. She can walk, talk and everything just fine,and to look at her with her Grace and the way she carries herself you would never know anything was wrong. She is such a blessing to others she meets!

Something happened in the last year and we are not even sure what it was that put her neck in the final state of disrepair!

We are not superstitious and besides, our God is Bigger than anything Satan has anyway! They will be going in Anteriorly (Through the Throat) and taking out a completely ruptured disc at C-3-4 and Fusing Vertebrae 3-4 & 5-6. This is a start! Pray specifically for pain relief as we just want a semi normal life! Nothing fancy at all. Just no pain for my baby! It has stolen 18 good years of marriage and we just aren't going to stand for it anymore. To think anyone would have to wait 18 years for someone to try surgery and live in that much pain! It's ridiculous. If need be we will travel out of state. Maybe if she gets enuogh Titanium we can get HD!!!!!!

We have had two MRI's, Two Nerve conduction studies, A Neurosurgeon and an Orthopedic Back specialist review her case from top to bottom. We aren't be given much percentage wise- you know how they are afraid to commit when it comes to matters of the spine. But any relief will be a gain. She just can't live hurting this much, and pain meds do absolutely nothing for it, since it is impingement on nerve roots coming out of the spine.

So the best thing to do is leave it in the Masters Hands and pray for the best!; and the Grace and Mercy to withstand any results! Either way- we win! (I SO want her to not hurt though).

We just want a little old style farmhouse with a wrap around porch, a big kitchen and bathroom- she is an awesome cook and I like to eat and poop! So it works out great! And a little Pontoon Boat so we can go Striper Fishing. (We have some nice Striped Bass) and Large Mouth too, in Lake Murray. That is all we want out of life, except to spend the rest of the time serving others!

Thank you ahead of time for the prayers, but the more people praying the better!!!! Thanks all,

God Bless,


I'll let you know how it goes!


  1. I think I know a little about how she feels but I've been at it longer. The doctors hear only yap about physio which never did a thing for the pain either (although it cut back on the migraines which aren't a problem) There are days that it feels like my head will snap off if I move wrong. The meds my doc recently prescribed have done nothing so far. (And yesterday wasn't even a bad day) Since you are in the profession - have you talked to anyone who has had surgery and felt better? Because everyone I've talked to wishes they hadn't bothered.

  2. Not so far jeannie- and that's what I'm afraid of- the risks, bot outweighing the benefits. But then again..I'm not the one in pain EITHER.

  3. What a beautiful post...and heartbreaking at the same time. Nonstop pain is horrible...and for no apparent reason. It doesn't make sense.

    Let your wife know I said a prayer for her. I like your dream of a big kitchen and bathroom...and the reasons behind that dream. lol

    I'll be thinking of you both on 10/31 with more positive thoughts and prayers.

  4. I know I can always count on my Miami ANGEL!!!

    Much Love,


  5. Well, John I have been told my prayers get answered in big ways, I most certainly will ask for blessing for your Mrs.
    My adoped Mom had this same type of surgery this last year and they went through the throat, She is so much better today. She was having horrible headaches from calcifications narrowing the nerve channels and an area of arthur that they removed and replaced with cadaver bone and part of her hip bone. It's so amazing to me what they can do today.
    Keep your chin up, God will be guiding their way.


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