Thursday, May 29, 2008

If any of you feel inadequate, unappreciated, useless, or totally inept at work; you probably are.

Please meet here for an encouragement session.


Those things people are saying behind your back: TRUE
EVEY water cooler conversation IS about your crappy work.
You ARE the butt of everyone in the offices' jokes.
Your Dog doesn't like you; it is just instinct that makes him jump up and down and wag his tail.
Even yo Momma has severe doubts about you. (Being hers, is one of them)

We will offer time tested remedies on how to fix this malady.

Like QUITTING: and working from home stuffing envelopes. Not a bad job but you will even give yourself bad performance reviews.

Please deposit 250.00 into Paypal, the first 500 people will get a coffee mug with a big "L" on it. If you guess what the Big "L" stands for- you win nothing! Because you are a LOSER! (Hint provided)

If less than 1000 people sign up your money is non-refundable, proving again you deserve the mug!


Jobless in Seattle

Be one of the first 100 to deposit your money and you will get the bonus Tee Shirt that says:

WILL WORK FOR FOOD. We can't show it here as we have no graphics department.


  1. LOL - Thanks for the Friday funnies! ;)

  2. Scarlette,

    Thanks for your continued support. Due to school I barely have time to post, however most importantly I can't visit like I used to. I LOVE the Friday Funnies example. It's totally unintentional- but If I may I think I'll use that as a format and maybe start putting one up every Friday for the weekend. You are always so insightful!

    Oh, Do I still need to have bookmarked the site that says by invitation only, or can I just delete it? I know to use this one- but it is still in my bookmarks folder (ilyz2 something).

    Hugs and misses!!!


  3. Where do you find this stuff? Or do you make it up? Funny either way.

  4. Coming from a corporate environment several years ago, I can tell you it's all true :)

    Thanks for the advice and kind words on my previous post John.

  5. that was way too funny...enjoyed keep the good work going john..

    happy life..



  6. Jeannie,
    I stole the cartoon, but all of the other shtick is mine. Thanks for the compliment.


    You are most welcome my friend, and I still see this at work monthly and quarterly in our staff meetings.


    You are going to give me a big head! Thanks so much for the positive feedback!


  7. Poopsie,

    How's everything gal? Aidan doing OK now with his pooper movements! VBG. My mom gave me those glycerin suppositories and said I would fire them across the room! Ass Bulletes! LOL- I don't care who you are........


    Friday Funnies, I may have to make that a theme! Thanks sweetie!


  8. John, Friday Funnies sounds good, but you're funny every day of the week! ;)

    As for my OLD, "private"'s a gonner. You can get rid of that one, but please keep dropping in at the new address. You're always a riot when you show liven up the place. Example: That mango comment last week!...and the breast and mammories, etc....LOL :)

    Don't be a stranger! ;)

  9. OK Sweetie- You talked me into it! How about a mango pic? Or not!



    Draw me one- you can title it- my MELON choly BABY!!!




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