Friday, May 9, 2008


OK..Tired....working hard, fed up with ere...elections. Time to get back to normal, cleaner, sillier posts. Have gone through rebellious stage and rants for the moment. I reserve the right (or left) to return as I see fit. I'm going to experiment with my new found academic skills on you the reader. This won't affect but a few but that's cool. You are faithful and I love you!

Thank you for you continued dropbyedness. I am going to return to a general diary type blog with all the usual craziness and mishmash of whatever the heck I want to write albeit with hopefully a POSITIVE spin. Unless of course something pisses me off. So tell tell your friends and enemies to drop back in.

Tech question. I recently resized my desktop to (something els) 1024 x 768 or something. Is it readable or do I need a new template, colors fonts, anything????
Just want some honest feedback.

Thanks to everyone who has ever stopped by, and if you are lurking....very cool, just say Hi once in a while so I know people are stopping by.



  1. Looks good. Pretty skinny on my screen but if it works...

  2. Agree with Hammer - skinny but entirely legible.

    I can't wait until your elections are over. It feels like the year of college where everyone was talking about The Young and the Restless and I wasn't a viewer.

  3. I try to keep track of you. Missing you, is missing out on a laugh of some sort. We can't have that.


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