Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Well lets see here. This is just a general post to fill the gap until I start my New Old schedule. I will be going back to three 12's- YES!!! It is so much easier than 4 9's or 4 10's! I just had to be cleared from the Cardiologist after the Stent to go back to 12's. And this will allow me to work more on Full-On as well as the Christian Blog- Shhh- God's Talking, of which I am truly proud and enjoying. Thanks jeanne from Just Me-My two Cents who said I could and should do both--it appears I can without a lot of compromise and still remain truthful to both camps!

I am feeling better than I have in probably 10 or 15 years and will probably die of an Aneurysm tomorrow at 12:15 pm while taking a dump at Urgent Care. I won't be missed for 20 or 30 minutes and I've always wanted to be found on the crapper reading a book on Jewish Sports Heros'.....the Long Version. (A 2 page Pamphlet). Of course I'm kidding and I will not die one minute before I'm supposed to unless you hear me yell=
Hey Ya'll Watch this!!!
...... Of which I promised my wife I would not do.

We are really busy at work and I have reason to believe this Flu season is gonna kick butt! Why you ask? Damn I wish you hadn't because I can't qualify that at all with one shred of scientific evidence.

How bout them Cock's???? Mind out of gutters and eyes off laps please. I mean the Gamecocks who are ranked 7th Nationally this week thank you very much. We are used to just being RANK! This is a long overdue process for us and I really think the Ol Ball Coach (Spurrier) has what it takes to truly turn young men around and live and play up to and even beyond their potential.

Well, that's about it for today. The pond is almost completely dry again after it refilled slightly and we are in about a minus 8-10 inch deficit if not more. Our State Fair came and started today and that foe us is the harbinger of cooler weather and true to form a front came through and it will be in the 70's and maybe in the 60's for Highs. A lot of times we get our first very early freeze when the Fair arrives!

We haven't been in several years since the food is sooo conducive to a Heart friendly Diet...I may just melt some Crisco and give myself about 60 cc's IV for the winter!---but we may go and get Elephant Ears, Cotton Candy and a Candied Apple for my wife, and the only time ever I get French Fries with Vinegar on them!! And also the Fried Mushrooms!!!!!