Friday, June 5, 2009


We sure have had our share of Rain this Spring. After several years of deficit we are making up for it in spades. And this is the damaging, 25 cent to Golf ball sized hail, Frog choker storms I'm talking about. Building up so high in the heat of the day and getting so full that they just turn upside down dropping 2 1/2 3 inches in an hour or so...and then disappearing.

Funny thing, Weather. We can all talk about, all relate to it, all have a story, or multiple stories both scary and good about Weather. Interesting. It's like the Earth just breathing in and out, in and out.......and then: Fart! A Tsunami wipes out India, or Burp- there goes Nawleans.

Huh. Kinda funny isn't it when you really think about it.


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