Saturday, April 11, 2009


I decided to walk to the mailbox today- not quite 1/2 a mile-(yes we live IN) the woods. Oh, by the way- the thunderstorms split apart and one went North and one went South. The southern one Killed one person and injured 9. Prayer does work!

I cut through a fairly open Pine Thicket which is a beautiful stroll and was nearing an adjacent field thinking of all things about how prevalent Rattlesnakes used to be in my home State of Fla.

You guessed it. Not 3 feet from my feets I heard that unmistakable whirr of a Rattlers tale. If you ever heard it for real you NEVER forget it. I spent most of my life in the woods unattended, with friends exploring. Back in the early to mid 60's when I was 10-12, starting in that exploratory stage- the woods and world were wide open to us. We could stay until dark without worry!!! Oh, how I yearn for those simpler times.

I was also taken hunting by my Father and have pics of me with guns as early as age 6. Just posing with them- not actually using them. So I have a lot of Outdoor knowledge from Experience. Not because I'm smart. But push come to shove I could provide for my family and live outdoors with just the basics. I'm not quite Survivorman- but I'm not clueless.

Needless to say, I took a slow step backwards and started looking for what? Those who said the snake were wrong!!!!!!

I was of course looking for a stick with which to poke it and piss sorry; Hiss it off more. It was instinctual what can I say. I was able to get fairly close and caught a glimpse of it as it burrowed under some leaves. I had a pair of Deck shoes on- (been funny if I was wearing Moccasins huh?)
No socks and a pair of sweat pants. (Ladies- please......) So I felt totally protected!!! I immediately wanted to find it so I could run home and get my????? GUN---NO!!!!!! My camera, stay with me people.........

Anyway- of course the batteries were dead and my extra pair had 3/4 charge, so they are all charging now. It is supposed to get up into the high 70's today and with all the rain; that is what pushed him out of his hole after such cold nights. He was just doing his thing, and nobody but me cuts through there. If they do they should get bit to learn a valuable life lesson. I don't know what the take home lesson would be amidst the intense pain, vomiting and swelling, but I'm sure some good would come of it. Bites a rarely fatal.

Anyway, with such high temps he will probably be on the move, esp. now that I totally wrecked his hiding place whilst poking around for him, so I probably won't go back, sans Snake Chaps and Boots. That's for serious hunting when you can't even see where you are putting you feet, not pansy Pine thicket walking.

Anyway, I have to go clean out my pants, really should have done that before I wrote this. However I will have to spend two hours unloading the bathroom, as you all know, because that's where I spend the night during Tornado warnings!

Happy Easter- He is Risen. I Love you all,



  1. I've almost stepped on them a few times. thank god for that rattle or I would be in a world of hurt.

    Happy Easter!

  2. Snakes terrify me. Not by themselves so much but because they are always just suddenly there - sneaky like.

  3. Thanks Hammer. The rattle is just as much for them to get away as it is to warn us. Just goes to show if the were sneaky- JEANNIE- they would drop out of trees with small parachutes and bite you on the neck!!!!

    Happy Easter Bro.


    My wife will never go outside again. Knew I shoulda kept my mouth shut! And you are right- all of a sudden it just rattled right by my foot- easily within striking distance. I think I woke it up. Hey, maybe it wasn't a snake at all, but a baby with a rattle?

  4. Ya know, you're making MN sound better and better, snow and all!
    I thought the den of skunks in our woods was bad, but I'd rather have skunks than snakes with teeth. ;)

  5. LOL_ tshmom- skunk juice will come off with Tomato juice! Rattlesnake venom----Not so much!!



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