Wednesday, April 22, 2009


You've seen the pic of the Yellow Iris below. Well, I took another one to work, and it has two blooms on it. One completely open and the other a bud. When I got to work I put it in a cup and put ice in it so it would stand up, and then added Mountain Dew. The Dew added exactly the same color to the ice as was the Iris!

I usually use Sprite (it really does work to lengthen the shelf life of cut flowers. I also use two or 3 cans on my Christmas tree). It keeps the needles green and on the tree better than anything else I've tried. I don't know how this Iris will do on crack- as the Dew has all that caffeine in it. As the day wore on and the Ice melted I noticed the Mountain Dew water was exactly the same color as the Iris!

Then it hit me! I told two girls from x-ray that I was trying an experiment. It's called reverse Osmosis, and the color of the Flower will turn the water yellow, and the flower will in turn draw up the Sprite...and turn completely white!!!!! (they think it's Sprite I used!!!!)

Five or 6 people were biting their lips to keep from loosing it, but backed me up. So one girl is going to check on it tomorrow and take a pic with her phone, and the other is going to check it on Thursday. Oh, if I only could find a white Iris or some close flower I would sneak it in there and replace it! This is going to be a riot. I can't wait to see what my co-workers hear them say when they come by to check on it!!!!!!!

Happy Mid-week--Spring is Glorious! Going to work in the yard tomorrow doing one of my favorite things. Pretending I'm a giant and Kill millions of Fire Ants! After all the rain- the mounds are up perfect. I'll fry a couple with a magnifying glass, just to recapture some youth and the poison the rest. Those things pack a whallop!!!!

Love to all,



  1. Pour a pound of white sugar on the fire ant mound...they'll be dead in a matter of hours.

    I got rid of about 6 mounds of them in my yard that way.

  2. Would it work on any kind of ants Hammer?

    Funny - our Lily just did a project for school about that - they called it capillary action.

    I just put a spoonful of sugar in the flower water.

  3. You gotta find a white flower! That's hilarious!

    I'll have to try sugar on an anthill. I usually pour used motor oil on the hill and light it on fire. It works, but it's kinda messy.

  4. I'll just pour a glass of our Sweet tea on it. My wife uses about a 5 lb bag to a 1/2 gallon- LOL!!!

    Guys- I had those girls from x-ray checking on that flower all day Tuesday and today while I was at work. We were all laughing our butts off and they couldn't figure out why!. I can't wait till my garden comes in and I can pull the half sweet tater/1/2 green pepper in a bottle!!!! LOL



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