Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I posted a good response to Poopsie re: the Dell. I'm getting it at the same price offered at Christmas. Dell offered No apologies, accepted no responsibility, never said I'm sorry, offered NO Upgrades, no comp, no admission of the inconvenience etc. I will write about the fantastic visit with my Father in Plant City (FL), watching the super Bowl- 25 miles from it- LOL! It was beautiful!

So I'm getting a $1400.00 Dell Laptop, fully loaded at $444.00 because of their running a wrong ad. At least I made them honour that which they sure tried to get out of! It's not all about the money, we are having to bend over backwards in EMERGENCY MEDICINE to fall in line with the survey cards these Narcotics not so anonymous are filling out bashing us because we don't give them enough afternoon delights. (Vicodin, Oxycontin, Soma...pick a poison). So I have someone who contributes absolutely zero to the economy, grading and evaluating ME,on my performance during their visit!!!!!! And I can't get an apology from a Large Company that I have a paper trail a mile wide showing their mistakes, my efforts, etc.

Will write much more later!!

Poopsie- 10,000 hits a day--- Ha ha ha ha aha. I barely get 25! LOL> Boy I'll sure scare them!
I know what you meant though!

Thanks for writing!


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